The Long Road Festival: Early Bird Tickets Already Sold Out. Who Do We Want To See On The Line Up?

Photo Credit: The Long Road Festival

Missing The Long Road Festival already? There isn’t really any other festival quite like it is there?

The music, the food, the atmosphere , the friends we go with, the friends we make. It really is quite special.

Today, early bird tickets went on sale and well, they sold out pretty much right away. That just goes to show how loved this event is. The line up hasn’t even been revealed or even fully secured yet so it goes to show how much it’s about the actual festival as well as the music. We all know full well that Baylen Leonard will secure an amazing line up. After all, In Baylen we trust!

Speaking about the success of this year’s festival, The Long Road’s Creative Director Baylen Leonard said… “We were overwhelmed with the reaction to TLR22, our biggest and best yet! From our new stages to the old favourties, all of them packed with smiling faces in the sunshine. Artists joining other artists on stage for unplanned one off moments, artists getting stuck in with the audience to watch, cheer on, and dance to other acts, made it a truly special 3 days. The weekend was filled with that magical synergy that only happens when everyone gathers with the common goal of a good time. A big heartfelt thank you to all the festivals goers and artists, you make TLR what it is and prove that TLR is for everyone! Already counting down the days till we can do it all again!”

The Long Road festival returns 25th-27th August 2023. Limited Super Early Bird tickets went on sale 9am Thursday 1st September and will be available here again soon: https://www.thelongroad.com/tickets/

Like every year, we don’t have a lot of patience and have started getting excited right away about who might be on the line up or who we want on the line up, whether that be unrealistic or not. Of course if any of the mentioned artists are at C2C next year, especially the headliners then that pretty much flushes my predictions down the toilet (preferably not the TLR campsite ones).

This year, Chris Young sadly pulled out due to team members having covid. We wonder if Chris will reschedule for next year? It’s a possibility? We all know he is a nice guy and will want to do right by fans so let’s hope his schedule allows for next year’s TLR.

Some artists like Miranda, Reba and artists of their calibre aren’t likely to be a possibility with the fee they charge but that doesn’t bother us at all. We love the fact that artists who just miss out on that C2C headline slot, get to headline TLR and deservedly so. Kip Moore and The Cadillac Three are great examples of that. So we are thinking that maybe Brothers Osborne will be a good shout? These guys know how to put on a good show and can you imagine how unbelievable their headline set at TLR will be and how electric the atmosphere will be?

Brothers Osborne

Ashley McBryde will be another good addition to the line up as she is truly loved within the fanbase and again, always puts on a great show.

Dierks Bentley – now surely he is due a return? Good enough to headline too, Bentley has such a great and fun back catalogue now that this would be unbelievable. Just think…the whole of TLR singing Drunk on a Plane really loudly and in the freedom of an open aired festival. That isn’t even his best song, not even close.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – they would put on one heck of a headline slot. They really belong at TLR and it would be such a highlight to have them headline the Rhinestone.

Other than headliners though, we want to see some other artists that we don’t often get a chance to.

Mindy Smith is very high up on our list. Faith Hill recorded her song Come to Jesus which Mindy also released her self which is an amazing song. She isn’t an artist who preaches religion so her set won’t be all about that. One of my favourite albums of all time is Mindy Smith’s Long Island Shores. Mindy sits on the country/folk side of the genre and her voice is simply stunning. I promise that if you aren’t already a fan, chances are, you will be after you hear her.

Matthew Perryman Jones. A folk/rock singer/songwriter – some may be familiar with the song Can’t Get It Right from the TV show Nashville that Sam Palladio sings. Perryman Jones will definitely be a highlight for next year.

Courtney Marie Andrews. We love love love Courtney. As sweet in person as she is on vocals, Andrews is one of the best at her craft. We first discovered her by her sensational album Honest Life and she has since released three more fantastic albums. On the Americana side, it is a strong possibility she will return to the TLR stage as she is part of Loose Music who always do a takeover at TLR. Andrews also tours the UK pretty much every year so we are really hoping for this.

Bowen Young

Bowen Young – Clare Bowen and husband Brandon Young’s newly formed duo. Stunning vocals and emotional performances that will be straight from the heart. They will be beautiful live.

To add to the ex Nashville stars, Life on Eris would also be great. Chris Carmack and his wife Erin Slaver of JD and the Straight Shot make up the duo and their breathtaking music would be stunning in a live setting, especially with her gorgeous fiddle talents.

JD and the Straight Shot – and speaking of Erin Slaver, why not bring over her band too. The band will rock out TLR and will appeal to so many festival goers.

Kendell Marvel – we couldn’t make his show here back in July so would love to see him at TLR. His talent for songwriting is second to none and he blew us away on tour with Brothers Osborne a few years back. Plus he is so funny! Follow him on Twitter.

Emily KinneyFans of The Walking Dead will already be familiar with Emily. As well as being an actress though, she is also a gifted singer/songwriter. Her voice is sweet and pretty with a youthful edge. Her songs have great story telling lyrics and beautiful electro/pop/folk melodies. An interesting read from American Songwriter about her current album The Supporting Character which covers grief, loss, juggling a career and family and friends.

Jamie Floydwriter of Ashley Monroe’s song The Blade. Jamie has her own gorgeous version from her brilliant EP Sunshine and Rainbows. Since then she has released even more music including her most recent New Girl.

Lady Nade

Lady Nade – Lady Nade is really starting to grow within the industry and it’s amazing to see. Hailing from Bristol much like many Americana artists including Yola Carter and Elles Bailey. Lady Nade is heading for the same success and it isn’t hard to see why. Yola played TLR back in 2018, so this will be a rare opportunity to see Lady Nade before she hits the big time like Yola so I hope we have her there.

Lori McKenna – another dream. To have both her original material and songs she wrote for other artists would go down a storm. She was great at C2C but at the Long Road, I think she will be even more sensational. Humble and Kind pretty much sets the tone of TLR attendees.

Elles Bailey – after her groundbreaking album Shining In The Half Light. Elles career has been going crazy. She is a natural on the stage and the TLR fans would adore her.

The Secret Sisters

The Secret Sisters – Americana/Folk/Country duo. I still haven’t seen these girls live and I adore their music. Selfish reasons aside, they are right up TLR’s street. Sibling harmonies to die for, these girls are some of the best in their genre.

Ruston Kelly – Dying Star is one of the best Americana albums of recent years in our opinion. Live, Ruston puts on a great story telling show with a lot of erm, attitude at times? Is that fair? He is a hoot on stage though. Having co written Just For The Record with Lucie Silvas, if they were both at TLR would it be too much to ask for a collab? I am realising now how much of a dreaming article this really is. Current album Shape and Destroy is a cracker too.

Kassi Ashton – She will be amazing for the TLR line up and will really create an energetic atmosphere.

Lucie Silvas – Well if Brothers Osborne do come over, then the addition of Lucie Silvas shouldn’t be a stretch seeing as she is married to John. Lucie hasn’t played here in a while and she is a phenomenal performer and vocalist so here’s hopin’.

Wynonna Judd – It’s about time right? Need I say anything else?

Maddie & Tae – A long overdue visit from the lovely country duo. Tae has been busy being a new mum but next year may be a possibility? It’s been years since we have seen them live here and they have had out a new music with Through The Madness Volume 2 being released this September.

The Band Perry – Is this likely?? They seem to have been booked on a few country festivals in the US this summer so are they coming back to Country music? To have them playing even if it was just their back catalogue and nothing new would be amazing. Probably a dream that won’t come true though. We do miss them!

Chrissy Metz – This Is Us has wrapped up now and whilst Chrissy won’t be short of work, we have been waiting for her to come to the UK for a while to perform and what greater place to start than The Long Road?

Eric Paslay – I mean he is practically a Brit now right? He definitely has a home here and the high calibre of songs he has written for others as well as for himself are exceptional and timeless. I have always said Even If It Breaks Your Heart is one of the greatest songs written in the last decade (well just over a decade now).

Temecula Road – well we have been supporters from the start. Temecula Road played Country Music Week a few years back and C2C and were due to play C2C in 2020 but of course Covid cancelled that. A vocal harmony trio originally, Maddie Salute has now left the group but her sister Emma Salute and friend Dawson Anderson are still going strong as a duo and we would love to have them at The Long Road.

Lainey Wilson – Isn’t she just everything TLR is about? Rootsy, southern, sassy, cool and down to earth in both her music and personality. Her set would be mind blowing in an open aired festival.

Maddi and Marc – a new discovery for us at The Big Feastival. The folk duo are really lovely and would fit right in at The Long Road Festival. Shared vocals and both instrumentalists. They deserve to be seen by a wider Americana/Folk/Country audience and really make a home for themselves within the fandom.

Katy Hurt – Katy releases bop after bop. An artist deserving of a major label, Katy is well known within the country fans and we would love to see her on the line up. Check out new single The Kiss.

Ashley Monroe – This one is me dreaming.

Ryan Kinder – Is one of those artists that I cannot understand why he isn’t a huge star. His rock/blues/country music will fit in nicely at The Long Road. Ryan is an exceptional vocalist and guitarist so I really hope this happens.

Breland – Breland is fast becoming a big name. His album Cross Country is out Sept 9th and we can tell you it’s a heck of an album. Breland is high energy live, an absolutely remarkable performer. He is supporting Russell Dickerson in October. Tickets here. We are obsessed with the song Cross Country.

Twinnie with I Know a Woman now this would be an amazing collaboration on the Front Porch Stage. We still definitely want Colour Me Country but this on one of the days would be amazing. Twinnie’s popularity is ever growing within the UK and she spends a lot of time in the US with her project I Know A Woman and has many friends that can be a part of this. As a good friend of Lucie Silvas, Lucie could make a guest appearance as well as having a main stage slot. Artists that could be part of the series would be Anna Rose, Louisa Johnson, Plant, Lucie Silvas, Tigirlily, Corrina, Wendy Moten, Julia Cole, BSHP, Sabyna, Kelsey Gill, Bianca Rose, Parker McKay, Twinnie, Alyssa Bonagura, Summer Overstreet, Victoria Bigelow, Kelleigh Bannen, Shelly Fairchild and more. The above artists were all part of the I Know A Woman single so to have some of these at TLR wouldn’t be a stretch.

For those unfamiliar with I Know A Woman – The initiative is an ever-changing roster of male and female artists, producers, and writers with their main aim being to create more opportunity, community and support for music makers. Their primary mission meanwhile is to standardise mental health therapy across the whole sector.

Rissi Palmer Color Me Country – This was so well received and so spectacular that it has to return right? We would love for this to be an annual thing because the artists this year were phenomenal.

Who would you like to see at The Long Road next year?

For all the official highlights from the weekend, feel free to download and use these fantastic photos: https://u-live.box.com/s/cl1tpvyun0un5k8cimq06i8kj7471kvh

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