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We Need To Talk About Rob Mayes

It isn’t often an artist can completely captivate you within minutes of listening to their voice but is certainly the case with Rob Mayes. An independent artist from L.A that really should not fall under the radar he brings so much to the country music industry that should […]

We Need To Talk About Jordan Davis

So…we need to talk about Jordan Davis. I am really loving Jordan Davis and his music at the moment  – I think he is going to blow the country music scene by storm with his infectious rock/pop country sound which so far is very radio friendly, inviting and […]

We need to talk about Jillian Jacqueline

So….we need to talk about Jillian Jacqueline. This delightful, dynamic and gifted lady should be a name on everyone’s lips, her music should be on everyone’s playlists and her shows should be on everyone’s go to lists. Amid a genre of incredibly strong female artists it can be […]