The Big Feastival – Sundown Saloon Stage – Which UK Country Artists Do We Want To See Next Year?

Maddi and Marc – Sundown Saloon

Music Festivals are becoming more and more accommodating to country music here in the UK and we are extremely happy about that! Country music in the UK is growing and growing and finally getting past that “country & western” stereotype that we so often heard in the past whenever we told people we like the genre.

The UK has many of its own Country Music Festivals but it is always nice to see country acts booked for festivals of all genres. This year, The Big Feastival caught our eye due to the fact they had a dedicated stage and had booked some UK acts.

The Big Feastival’s Sundown Saloon played host to a lot of country music this year and festival goers were treated with the likes of Morganway, Izzie Walsh, Jake Morrell, The Swamp Stomp String Band, Maddi and Marc, Dolly Parton Experience and more.

The stage was very popular and was such a great addition to the Feastival and it was perfectly placed in the Smokery. It was wonderfully atmospheric and gave us that traditional country music feel.

Because we loved it so much we wanted to put together a list of UK Country artists we think would be great for next year.

Tim Prottey-Jones – formerly of The Wandering Hearts, Tim has his own solo projects and works with various UK country artists as well as some US ones whether that be as a collaborator, songwriter, producer or lending his talents as a musician. One of our favourite collaborations is with a favourite US singer/songwriter of ours Stephanie Quayle. Check out their single Until I Do here

Prottey-Jones would be a wonderful addition to the Feastival and would bring the atmosphere to a high in no time. Check out his most recent song Milestone here

Katy Hurt – Well it’s no secret to anyone who knows us that we are big fans. Katy releases some of the best modern sounding songs as well as some more traditional sounding ones in UK country music. Her music would really work in the US charts too.

A flawless voice, her vocals would soar beautifully and freely at the Feastival. Sounds Good In A Bar will get the crowd’s attentiveness as is such a beautiful ballad that you could imagine the likes of Miranda Lambert singing. Current single The Kiss will get the audience up and dancing with its uplifting and upbeat feel.

Lucy Blu – Lucy is a ball of energy and will win over any crowd with her bubbly personality alone. Her power ballad Surrender is stunning and after joining Darius Rucker on stage at C2C Festival for Wagon Wheel, we know she’s born for the stage.

O&O – we have been fans for a fair few years now. This duo are exceptional! O&O are Colorado-native Obadiah Jones and Orian Peled from Israel and make beautiful country/folk/Americana music that fits perfectly for that festival feel. Who in country music doesn’t love a good duo with gorgeous vocal harmonies?

Eric and Jensen – these lovely lads will undoubtedly draw a crowd. Young and energetic they are also very witty and confident on stage between songs and you feel as if you know them personally. Beer Brave is a catchy tune that you can imagine all over US country radio.

Harleymoon Kemp – Harleymoon has made a great name for herself within the UK country music scene over the years and it isn’t hard to see why. A fun, outgoing personality, Harleymoon brings all of that to her performances as well as amazing outfits and good tunes. Harley is a beautiful songwriter and writes from the heart and her songs ooze relatability making her an artist to feel connected to in the most wonderful way. With some songs being full of heartbreaking words pulling at the heartstrings, songs such as Love on The Radio have an upbeat melody which will get everyone up on their feet.

Seeing as a lot of US artists will be over at the same time for The Long Road Festival, maybe some of the acts can be booked for the Feastival too? (UK act Morganway played both this year). Often artists want to book as much up as they can when they are here so why not????

I would also like to see artists I am not familiar with especially multi instrumentalists. I didn’t get to see anywhere near as much on the Sundown Saloon as I had planned as the kids wanted to go in the kids area but next year, maybe they will enjoy the music more?

We look forward to hopefully seeing this wonderful stage return to The Big Feastival in 2023.

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