Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Interview: Megan McKenna Talks about her first Ever C2C Festival Performances, New Music, a vocal healing Trick that Michael Ball taught her and more!

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt – The Indigo O2 Stage – C2C Festival 2023 – March 11th

Megan McKenna has been waiting years to play C2C Festival so when she was finally announced this year, I knew it would have been an emotional moment for her.

We have followed Megan’s career quite closely since her documentary There’s Something About Megan – where she went out to Nashville to learn about the industry and to write music. Her voice had us sold from the get go and we have been hooked since.

Megan released her debut independent album Story of Me back in 2018 and has been working hard since by touring, making a Gluten Free Cook Book and more recently, writing and releasing new music. Her most recent releases were released every Friday for a number of weeks including stellar songs such as Confetti and Baby Talk.

Megan played three shows across C2C Weekend and was met with large and loving crowds on every stage that she graced. Read our review of her first ever C2C performance here.

We caught up with Megan on Saturday of C2C. I love talking to Megan because she is so easy to talk to and very down to earth. It is always like playing catch up with her which makes for an easy going interview.

If words could truly capture just how much it meant to Megan to be at C2C then I would write them. Her facial expressions and tone of voice were quite emotional and C2C will undoubtedly be a moment she will never forget!

We hope you enjoy our chat!

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt – The Indigo O2 Stage – C2C Festival 2023 – March 11th

Hi Megan how are you? Welcome to C2C!

I am so happy I am here! This is honestly like a huge deal for me! This is huge!

I yelped when you were on the line up, I was so happy! Finally!!!

I know, finally after all these years but its been great!

I went to the first show!

Did you see it?

Yeah of course! You had such a good reception and everyone around me were really quiet and attentive which hasn’t really happened that much this weekend as there has been a lot of talking!

Really? That’s really good to hear!

Starting with Baby Talk was great and I love Confetti so I am glad you did that!

That’s my favourite song!

Mine too


How did you prepare for your first set at C2C?

Well, I got up at half six. So I am exhausted, my feet are killing me! Getting here though, pulling in, that feeling of pulling into the O2 is such an amazing feeling! Being backstage with everyone, with my band. It was such a lovely experience. The dressing room had such a good vibe. We were doing little rehearsals and Ben my guitarist was singing the male harmonies and it was all coming to light! I sing my songs all the time, but to be with a full band brings it to light.

You have played the O2 before as a support act on the main stage…

Yes, but I didn’t have a band.

And although you aren’t on the main stage for this event, does it still feel more special as is purely country music?

It feels so special! This is where I want to be! This is where I am most happiest – with my hat on, on stage and what I love about country music is the storytelling. Everybody is so respectful and listening, that’s what’s so nice about it. Obviously I spend hours in the studio writing these songs and pouring my heart out so it’s nice when people actually understand and listen, it’s such a good feeling!

And you did a meet and greet after your sets so how did that go? Meeting the C2C fans for the first time?

So busy! Quite a few people said how I inspired them and how I am here for girl power and strong women. They loved how I am standing up for myself and how hard I have worked.

Well yes and you said standing up for yourself which you shouldn’t need to do at all especially as you have now been an original artist in your own right for a number of years with a big resume to support that! Some people were hesitant when you were announced….they weren’t expecting you to be as good as you were, as you are!

Yeah people have a perception of me which is completely fine, but I just think “come and watch me” and then see for yourself


Have any fans mentioned any songs of yours that they’ve particularly connected with?

Ooh. I mean everyone always says ‘This’. They use it for their weddings, their proposals. The amount of messages that I get for This is pretty crazy! It blew up on Tik Tok. A lot of people say about Confetti actually! Everyone can relate to it. Like for me, it feels like everyone in my world is getting married right now! On Instagram I keep seeing everyone getting engaged and having babies. Obviously I am doing what I love, singing!

Well your songs are your babies…

Yes and I have my dog Daisy!


She is my baby! She is at home!

So you are doing a lot of travelling back and forth to her?

Yeah it’s not far, about 40 minutes.

What have you got planned for the rest of the day?

I am going home and chilling tonight as I need to rest my voice for tomorrow! I have a really cool outfit for tomorrow. It’s like full on denim and suede with shoulder pads.

How do you rest your voice for a show?

Honey, lemon and ginger. I always have a spoonful of honey! I always have a little vocalzone! Michael Ball actually taught me this trick! When I am nervous I get a bit of dry mouth. He was like “oh don’t worry about that! Put a little vocalzone and stick it at the back of your mouth. I said “won’t it fall out when singing?” And he said “no! It gets stuck up there”. So I started doing that and it does get stuck up there. Every time your mouth gets dry. It’s crazy! I swear, ever since he has taught me that, I don’t have that fear of getting dry mouth.

That’s amazing! Take note everyone!

One song that I felt translated very well live was Ruin Your Night!

YES!!!! I was thinking “shall I put in Ruin Your Night?”! It is one of my older ones and I love the story behind it! It did go down really well.

It really fit in well with the C2C vibe!

I am glad you said that!

And the Britney cover Everytime was great countryfied. I think it’s a country song without the country sound so I am glad you saw that and made it sonically country too.

When are you back in Nashville writing?

I thought that I was going to be back this year but I am not 100 per cent. If I do it will be the end of the year if not, definitely next year. I have been writing with some really amazing people. Shelly Poole..

Oh from Alisha’s Attic? (and Red Sky July)

Yes! She wrote Confetti with me. She is actually one of my favourite writers. She is really good friends with Beth Nielsen Chapman (who wrote Far Cry From Love with Megan). I have also been writing with Emily Philips.

When was the last time that we spoke?

Erm, I think it was when Kacey (Musgraves) had released her album Star-Crossed as we weren’t sure about it at the time.

Yes! I love that album now!

But I don’t think she can beat Golden Hour

Can’t beat Same Trailer, Different Park. Merry Go Round is my go to song. That album has my favourite songs ever!

I haven’t released all my songs yet as the plan is to release an album this year. I also plan to have my own shows later this year. But basically I have actually written some songs inspired by Kacey. Really sassy songs with quirky lyrics and cheeky lyrics. I am excited for people to hear.

We love a sassy artist!

Well thanks again for today. I will catch your set tomorrow! I actually asked people in the audience yesterday what they thought and they all enjoyed it!

Ooh I love that, I love the way you do that it’s so nice!

I think it adds to the review, gets an honest vibe!

Thank you!

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