Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Country 2 Country – C2C Festival 2023: Megan McKenna Proved her Worth as She Shone Brightly on The BBC Radio 2 Stage with Her Strong Trad/Pop Country Original Material – Live Review

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt

The Indigo O2 was getting pretty busy for Megan McKenna on the BBC Radio 2 Stage for C2C Festival. The largest venue at the O2 after the main arena, this was McKenna’s first set for the weekend and in fact, her first set ever at Country 2 Country Festival.

We knew how excited Megan had been for this moment, and we were excited to.

Sat up in the balcony, it was hard to find a spare seat as the entire venue was pretty much full.

The band took to the stage with Megan following shortly after. Skipping on stage and beaming – sporting a fine lookin’ stetson, leather trousers, a crop top and a pretty cool snake skin inspired jacket, Megan was ready to deliver!

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt

Megan began her set with Baby Talk. A brilliant way to start as the song is beautifully country, the crowd were fully engaged from the get go.

Catherine McGrath co-write High Heeled Shoes followed from her album Story of Me. A song about the struggles of being a woman, it is also very catchy and fun to sing a long to.

Megan’s entire set was full of well crafted tunes. One of the most stunning voices in the industry, she delivered flawless performances of ballads and upbeat tunes.

Ballads included her stunning countrified version of Britney SpearsEverytime. A painfully sad song with lyrics that suit country music, this version was very welcomed. One of her first releases Far Cry From Love which she wrote with Beth Nielsen Chapman was even better live than on record. Megan’s tone shines so brightly on this song and you can really hear just how much of a good singer she really is.

This of course was the ballad that hit the hardest. A powerfully emotive song in a positive way! McKenna sang the inspirational lyrics with a lot of passion. This is her story, her fight to find her place in the music industry and it was clear how much the song means to her.

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt

Another highlight was Ruin Your Night. This song translated incredibly well in a live setting. The band were epic and gave the song a whole new life.

Our favourite of the set was Confetti. This song is not just good, it’s dang good and really one of the more finer tunes to emerge from country music in recent years. Sonically and lyrically it’s just so infectious and hearing it live was something else!

Megan closed the set with The Good, The Bad and The Bitch. Bringing sass to the stage and a lot of energy, this song was a fabulous choice to close with as it is so much fun and full of attitude. Megan undoubtedly ended on a high!

No one spoke around us the whole show which is always quite telling of a good performance. Speaking to people around me after her set, they described her as brilliant, unexpectedly good and fun! Some had never heard of her before and were glad to have discovered her, some knew her but hadn’t heard her music and some were fans already!

Megan more than proved her worth on the stage and certainly secured her place within the UK country music scene. I can imagine she will be an artist on a lot of peoples lips this weekend and we can’t wait to catch her Sunday set at The Big Entrance at 11.40. We would even go as far as to say she was one of the best acts we saw all weekend!

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