Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Country 2 Country – C2C Festival 2023: Thomas Rhett – Live Review

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt

Thomas Rhett is without a doubt one of most popular acts in modern county music but apart from the odd song, he has never really appealed to me. That doesn’t mean to say that he isn’t talented because he truly is but it is ok to not be fan of everyone!

I wasn’t particularly bothered about catching his set but was willing to give it a go. That’s the beauty of live music though, that it can change your mind about an act you previously may not have liked.

Rhett was born for the stage. Fun and engaging throughout his set, he had the audience up from their seats all night and the crowd were loving every minute of it!

Despite his clear natural ability to entertain a crowd, it just wasn’t for me. However when he performed songs such as Angels Don’t Always Have Wings and Die A Happy Man that’s when he had me. I said to my neighbour in our block “now this, this speaks to me, this is where I feel he is more talented and I wish he could do more stuff like this”. I did enjoy the tribute to his early work such as Make Me Wanna, It Goes Like This and Get Me Some of That. That was kind of nostalgic for us though as we saw him back in 2014 at the Opry when he just started out!

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt

Bringing Niall Horan on stage for Horan’s song Slow Hands was a nice touch and a great sing along moment.

We did leave before the end as wanted to avoid the crowds.

Thomas Rhett may not have been for us but we can’t deny his overall talent and how brilliant he is as a performer. The majority of the audience loved him so we are pleased to be in the minority.

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