Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Country 2 Country – C2C Festival: Inside the O2 Arena – London Essence’s First Ever Permanent Bar for Signature Cocktails and Bespoke G&T’s – Review

C2C Festival is in full swing and we here at BOON are having an incredibly good time!

We have been celebrating C2C’s 10th Birthday in full style! We’ve been attending C2C since the very first year and so far (Covid Closures aside) we haven’t missed a year!

It’s not just the music that we look forward to at C2C in London though. It’s the country fans, the friends, the atmosphere, the food and of course the drink!!!!! Definitely the drink!!! I know I am not alone here!!

Yesterday we visited the The London Essence Bar! This bar is inside the actual O2 Arena itself. This bar has only been at the O2 for about a year and it is London Essence’s first-ever permanent bar. The bar is open for the O2’s full schedule of events and is located on Level one by block 111/110

The bar is open from when the main arena doors open till ten minutes after the start of the show so we headed there as soon as we got in on Friday night. It’s was hard to choose what to have as everything on the menu looks delicious! However, I asked the amazing staff for a friendly recommendation.

More than happy to help, they talked me through the kind of tastes I like and strengths of alcohol and if I liked sweet or sour. We finally came to a decision. I had the Pina Colada Fizz. It was insanely good and full of alcohol and such a strong taste in the best kind of way. Yummy! It was exactly what I needed that day and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I could have been there all evening if that were a possibility. I slightly regret not going back quickly as it was right by my block 110. Please do go check them out! London Essence Bar is such a wonderful treat! I tend to only treat myself to cocktails such as these on special occasions and what is more special than C2C Festival? They are right by block 110/111 they are amazing!!!

The bar features a signature cocktail menu with cocktails made with their range of exquisite mixers from distilled botanicals. Opt for a Piña Colada Fizz made with London Essence Roasted Pineapple Soda and a Mule, created using London Essence’s sweet and fiery Ginger Beer.

Alongside the cocktail menu is a bespoke G&T menu, where you can pick your gin of preference, mix it with one of the five London Essence tonics available from London Essence’s premium Tonic on Tap, including Indian Tonic, Elderflower, Rhubarb, Cucumber and Grapefruit, and finally, top it off with a garnish of your choice!

Don’t drink alcohol or simply don’t fancy it? Don’t worry as they have options for Mocktails, London Essence’s tonic waters and soda’s too.

The London Essence Company has crafted a range of innovative-yet-elegant tonics, gingers and sodas, so you can enjoy the opulent experience of a cocktail – without the alcohol. Their summery Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water brings a fruity freshness to any mocktail recipe, while Spiced Ginger Beer packs a more subtle burst of flavour.

From the elegantly fragrant notes of White Peach & Jasmine, to tropical Roasted Pineapple and crisp, zesty Pink Grapefruit, their innovative recipes have been thoughtfully developed to deliver a light and low-calorie drink.

About The London Essence Company
The London Essence Company range of exquisite mixers is crafted from distilled botanicals, to deliver the purest flavour.

Founded in 1896, on the banks of the River Thames, The London Essence Company used the expertise gained whilst working for leading perfume houses, to produce high quality essences and flavours for leading food and drink companies of the era. Its secret was using the science of distillation and the art of layering flavours to create natural essences with unmatched depth of flavour and complexity.

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