Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Country 2 Country – C2C Festival 2023: Take It From Me, Jordan Davis was Phenomenal! – Live Review

As a fan of Jordan Davis since his first single Singles You Up, I still hadn’t managed to see him live yet, despite the fact he has previously played in the UK.

We interviewed Jordan when he released Singles You Up and at the time, that and Slow Dance In A Parking Lot were his only songs. So for me, to finally see him live after supporting his music all these years, it was really special. That special feeling was heightened by the fact he was on the main stage and high up the billing just before Thomas Rhett.

Jordan is a sweetheart. He has always been kind to us here at BOON and that same kindness reflected in his live show.

The crowd loved Jordan. From the moment he walked on stage after the lead up intro, right to the last note played on stage, the audience were standing, dancing and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Davis started with What My World Spins Around. Met by rapturous applause, the crowd were even louder for Singles You Up.

The energy was on fire throughout and Jordan and his band looked like they were having the most amazing time!

More songs from current album Bluebird Days went down a treat such as the title track, One Beer In Front of the Other and Next Thing You Know. The latter being emotional and atmospheric.

Slow Dance In a Parking Lot was magical. This song was already stunning but live, it was something else!

The stunning piano intro to Changes filled the arena in a wonderful echoey way! Lose You then followed.

One of the most memorable moments was when they played Detours. A song that was exceptional live, Detours blended beautifully into Fix You by Coldplay and then back again to Detours.

A favourite for us and many I’m sure was Take it From Me which was energetic and fun and had everyone up, dancing and singing along!

Closing the set with Buy Dirt which he released with Luke Bryan, that song took on a whole new form of life in the live setting. It made the song more powerful and more meaningful.

Jordan gave us a flawless set which showed gratitude and humbleness throughout. His set was fun, engaging, energetic and upbeat with so much love in the room from him, his band and the audience.

We can’t wait for Jordan to come back, so please, don’t make us wait too long!

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