Like Your Chicken Fried with a Cold Beer on a C2C Festival Night? Visit Thunderbird Chicken at the O2 during C2C Festival.

With C2C Festival just less than two months away, we are getting ourselves in the spirit of the weekend by playing all the main stage acts, all the daytime acts, planning our outfits and planning our food and drink budget.

Whilst listening to Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried and seeing all the amazing pop up stage line up, we realised we probably won’t have much time to eat all weekend and are going to have to do a lot of take aways so we can eat on the run. Each year we put out a ‘places that have click and collect/takeaway options’ article and you can check that out here.

One place we didn’t actually get to try last year and instantly regretted it was Thunderbird Chicken. We follow them on socials and for the past year have seen mouth watering photos and have felt quite disheartened that we don’t have a Thunderbird Chicken here in Gloucestershire. So, this year’s C2C we are going to visit and we can’t really think of a more appropriate time than when Zac Brown Band are playing. We are pretty sure everyone who goes to Thunderbird during C2C will have Chicken Fried in their head, whether they be having their Chicken Fried with a cold beer on a Friday night, Saturday night or the Sunday when Zac Brown Band are actually playing.

With Thunderbird having an option to click and collect your food, it really will make festival goers weekend much simpler, especially if you plan on being in and out of live shows. Click, collect and eat in the queue to a show, why not? Alternatively, you can of course eat in the restaurant too if you want a bit of a break! You can click and collect here. Also, if you want a delivery to your hotel/Air B&B then click here and scroll down to the bottom for your options!

Check out the full O2 menu here.

There are many delicious options available on the menu. They range from burgers, wraps, strips, wings, buckets, salads, plant based options, kids options, fries, sides, dips and Churros.

Let’s take a look at what has caught our eye;


A crispy jackfruit patty, slathered in Awesome Sauce, some crunchy lettuce, snappy pickles and a squishy bun

Thunderbun; their classic burger slathered in Awesome Sauce with some crunchy lettuce, snappy pickles and a squishy bun.

25p from every Thunderbun goes towards giving young homeless people a future.

Dynamite Burger; Chipotle ketchup, Molten jalapeño-miso cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, pickles

Oozing with molten miso-jalapeño cheese sauce, garlicky red pepper aioli, fresh lettuce, snappy pickles and a squishy bun


Cheese and Bacon Wrap; Strips, American cheese, bacon, Awesome sauce, lettuce, pickles

Dynamite Wrap; Strips, Chipotle ketchup, Molten jalapeño-miso cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, pickles.

Veggie Wrap; Plant based nuggets, Awesome sauce, American cheese, lettuce, pickles


Like the ultimate sweet chilli sauce, sweet, tangy, hot and a little smoky

Gochujang based, with sesame, soy, and the zing of yuzu

Brown buttery, garlicky and parmy, with a sprinkle of parsley

Honey mustard with a smack of miso umami

Strips and Salad….

Bucket – Chicken by the bucket load; 12 or 20 strips, 3 dips and a heap of fries.

Chicken and Bacon Salad – Sliced strips and crispy, smoked bacon on a bed of romaine lettuce, slathered in Awesome Sauce and sprinkled with chives.

Plant based Chipuffalo Nugs – 8 plant based nuggets coated in Chipuffalo sauce (chipotle-buffalo sauce), with a sprinkle of coriander, some chipotle flakes and a heap of fries on the side

Sides range from fries to tatter tots, coleslaw and salad.

The dips look amazing! They range from Chipuffalo , Blue Cheese, BBQ, Red Pepper Aioli, Harissa Ranch , Awesome Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup , Vegan Ranch, Vegan Chipuffalo. We think maybe getting some strips and trying ALL these sauces may be in order.

However, what is Awesome Sauce I hear you ask? Well we didn’t know either, we thought it was just slang so we asked! It is like a smoked burger sauce. Intriguing!

Churros come with either cinnamon sugar and choice of chocolate or toffee dip, Oreo which is chocolate sauce sprinkled with Oreo crumbs or, oh my goodness, BISCOFF!!! Biscoff sauce and Biscoff crumbs!!! Oh crumbs!!!

This is going to be a hard choice for us! We may have to try everything! Will you be joining us for some chicken fried and a cold beer on a C2C night? Let us know!

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