Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Scotty McCreery played a headline-worthy set that made us all want Five More Minutes – C2C Festival 2022 – O2 Arena, London – Live Review

Photo credit: Jeff Ray

Scotty is the heart and soul of country music and was everything we needed and more to celebrate the return of live country music.

Coming on stage telling the audience he has been excited for this show for three years, the crowd felt the exact same way. A full house, he had the audience in the palm of his hand with almost every person on their feet. McCreery owned that stage giving a headline worthy performance that is going to be hard to follow.

Scotty’s performance was flawless and his band were absolute perfection! The band were playing traditional country sounds that you could feel coursing through your veins.

An underrated artist, Scotty deserves so much more recognition than he gets.

His music reminded us just how pure country music is and how live music can have such a powerful and emotional effect. We cried during This Is It and even more so during Five More Minutes and we even cried a but during Damn Strait.

Scotty is going to go down in C2C Festival history as being one of the greats that we want back over and over again. Make that come true Scotty, you have a home here now!

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  1. Scotty is the most underrated singer in all of country music. He is multi talented, and so personable with his audiences.

    Personally, I hope to attend every concert he plays when he comes to our city. He’s truly amazing.


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