Interview: Megan McKenna talks about her London & Manchester Shows this weekend, her up and coming tour with Alfie Boe & Michael Ball, Writing with Nashville’s finest songwriters and more

After a long time away from being able to see/hear live music, we are finally getting back to seeing musicians in a live setting again and what a relief for these artists, venues and their staff.

Megan McKenna returns to the stage with her headline shows in London on November 13th at the Lafayette and in Manchester on Sunday 14th at Club Academy.

Megan’s live shows are always very enjoyable but there is something special about her headline shows as she has such a wonderful audience who feel like her family. Her fans range from all ages but are all dedicated fans whom know every word to every song. Obviously that isn’t unheard of at anyone’s gig but her fanbase just seem very warming in a way that you would think they all knew each other. Megan always mixes it up with her fantastic original songs and a couple of brilliant cover songs. Whether they be Ariana Grande or a Hannah Montana mash up, the covers are always good fun!

What will also make these shows special are her support acts. Jessie Dipper and Harleymoon Kemp. Jessie Dipper we are yet to discover but Harleymoon Kemp has been making waves in the UK country music scene a lot this year with her music and being a good friend of Megan’s, these should be a wonderful set of shows and who knows, maybe they will perform together on the nights?

Megan’s career hasn’t been handed to her. One of the hardest working women in her field, Megan puts herself out there to produce the best music she can with some of the best within the industry. Working in Nashville as well as here in the UK, Megan has been setting up co-writes with very well established and much loved songwriters that anyone in country music would love to write with. These songwriters won’t work with just anyone, why would they? Their schedules are crazy so it proves the faith these writers have in Megan and that she actually has what it takes. That was also proven on her win of Celebrity X Factor. The best contestant by a country mile, Megan won the hearts and ears of the nation and she performed like she was already a mega star.

We spoke to Megan about her headline shows and much more. We love talking to Megan here at BOON. A genuinely nice person, it’s like having a conversation with someone you know personally and you have to try hard to not trail off the topic as only have a time slot of about 20 minutes but at times you naturally flow into “catch up” mode because she is interested in how your life is going too.

We hope you enjoy the interview.

Hi Megan – how are you?

Megan – I am good thank you!

How has your week been?

Megan – Really really good actually. I have been in the studio. I have actually been writing with Twinnie. I love her voice, I love her whole vibe actually she’s such a lovely girl. We wrote a couple of songs so I am back in the studio full time really getting ready for an album!

Oh that is exciting and we know Twinnie’s work well here. She has written with The Shires and then has her successful solo work and she has this new project doesn’t she that supports women in the industry called “I Know a Woman”.

Megan – Yes she was telling me about it! It’s amazing actually, very very interesting! I think she is very inspiring!

Well women definitely need a lot more recognition and equality in not just the industry but in general so I hope it does some good.

Megan – Yeah I think it will, I have a feeling it will. She was explaining it all to me and I was wow, surely this is going to blow up!

Can I ask what you have been writing?

Megan – Yeah! I am writing for the album. I have been trying a few genres out lately but I feel like I want to take a step back to what I feel comfortable with and obviously writing more heartfelt, emotional tracks is what I love and what I feel I am strongest at. I have actually just written a Christmas song which I am going to be releasing. It definitely has a nice uplifting Kacey (Musgraves) feel to it. I am very very excited about releasing it and I am going to be releasing it in the next couple of weeks. That is the next step of the music for me!

We can’t wait to hear it and will we get a Christmasy video to go with it?

Megan – Yeah I have an idea in mind what I think will work very well. So yeah there will be a video.

Will you perform it at your London and Manchester headline shows next weekend? Is it too early to do a Christmas song in November? I don’t think so!

Megan – I have been thinking about it! I might just pull it out at the end and say “I know it’s November but I am so excited about it so why not?” So yeah I am doing two shows – 13th November in London at the Lafayette and 14th in Manchester at Club Academy. I am very excited about them! All through December I am supporting Michael Ball and Alfie Boe which has a Christmas twist so will fit perfectly with my new Christmas single. I get to sing the songs that mean everything to me! I feel like their audience are there for real music and they want to listen to your stories. I am so excited!

I definitely agree with you on that! It is going to be such a lovely and respectful audience who will sit back silently and just really take the music in!

Are you going to dress up in Sparkly Christmasy dresses?

Megan- Yes!!!!! Hahaha! I am going to get some good outfits! Beautiful dresses…I really feel like I can over the top with these concerts. A few ball gowns will definitely be joining me on the road. I can’t wait!

You have had a very busy year! Music, touring with Tom Jones and of course Celebrity Masterchef! We were hooked on that! Sad you didn’t win but it was such a close final!

Megan- It was! I didn’t know it until I was there just how good everyone was in their own ways. I loved it, I had so much fun! It was a lot of work, a lot of homework went into it. There were a lot of long hours. I am really glad that I did it and it was nice to move over to BBC as I have been on ITV for such a long time. I noticed a difference with audiences too. I was supporting Tom Jones this year and Masterchef was airing and when I was on stage I asked the audience if any of them were watching Masterchef and I am not kidding you, pretty much the whole audience raised their hand. Tens of thousands of people and I thought it’s crazy how many people actually tune in to watch Masterchef, it’s very cool.

I can imagine that it was actually a lot more hard work than they actually show on TV.

Megan – Oh my god yeah it really is.

Tell us a bit more about the shows with Tom Jones

Megan – He was so lovely! He had been listening to me and I asked if he liked it and he said “Yeah you sound great!”. He has been really lovely and supportive and retweeting my videos and my pictures and saying what time I was on stage. I am actually going to be doing more of his shows next year as well as the Lionel Richie shows so I must have gone down well haha! It was a lovely tour, the crowds were lovely, the whole experience really was breathtaking! The last show we did was in Kent was for about 22,000 people. It was an amazing show to end on!

I am really looking forward to doing my own headline shows – The London and Manchester shows. I feel that with these shows I can kind of twist it a little bit and do everything that I really want to do such as new stuff and I can really engage with the audience! The shows will be to a smaller crowd but I love that intimate feeling and getting to talk to people on the stage. It’s s full show of everything and if they want to ask me questions I am there, I am willing to answer so I am looking forward to it.

Well the intimate shows are actually the ones I prefer to go to. I remember your Birmingham gig a couple of years back and I remember it being insanely hot in the venue. But it was so nice and it did feel like I was in a room with your family and friends as everyone seemed to know each other and they sang every single word.

At these shows you are bringing on another UK country artist we have recently become a fan of and that’s Harleymoon Kemp.

Megan- Yes! Harleymoon Kemp, love her so much! We have worked together in the past and have stayed friends. In Lockdown we did a little duet (Hey Ho by the Lumineers). That went down really well! I love her recent releases too. I also have another girl as support called Jessie Dipper. She has got a lovely sound and writes her own stuff. I am so into artists that write their own stuff, there is nothing better than real stories performed on stage.

Same! I really loved your last album which you wrote pretty much every song on and so am looking forward to hearing the new album! Are we allowed to know anything about that?

Megan – Yeah! Well I have written with some huge writers. As you know before I have worked very closely with Amy Wadge and she introduced me to some writers. These songs on the album have been written with Natalie Hemby, Lori McKenna and others. I have got some really good heartfelt songs that are going to be added on the album. I am actually going to sing one of the songs on my tour so people can get a little sneak peak into what the album is going to be like. It is very exciting!

That is exciting and Natalie Hemby and Lori McKenna, that’s awesome as they are some of the best of the best.

Megan – I know!


We know you are a fan of Kacey Musgraves so what do you think of her new album?

Megan – Yeah I wasn’t sure at first but I have listened to it a few times and am starting to warm to it. I love the opening and I love Breadwinner. It will definitely grow on me.

I agree. I think because Golden Hour was so good that it’s been hard to top it.

Megan – Oh my god it is still my favourite album!

For me too along with Same Trailer, Different Park

Megan – Oh my god I love that one!

It actually took me a while to get into Pageant Material but I love that now!

Megan – Oh really? I love Pageant Material. I do love her early stuff because it is so quirky and cheeky, that’s what I love about it! To be honest, my Christmas song, if you like all that kind of stuff like the cheekiness and stuff then you are going to love my Christmas song!

Will it be a ballad?

Megan – no it’s an upbeat one! I really wanted to write a song because everyone has had a bit of a terrible Christmas the last couple of years so I wanted to write a song that would make everyone happy and appreciate their family in a weird and quirky way. That’s all I can say about it for now haha!

Thank you so much Megan – it has been wonderful to talk to you and we hope to see you at a show soon!

Megan – You too and thank you!

It’s not too late to grab tickets to Megan’s London or Manchester show which will be very special. Grab tickets here


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