Brandon Stansell – Hurt People (Featuring Cam) – Single Review

Captivating right from the melodic intro, you know Hurt People will be a treat throughout.

If you are familiar with Brandon Stansell then you know you are going to get an emotive, believable and lyrically relatable piece of art. The truth and pain in Brandon’s voice makes you really feel it. This song is moving and breathtakingly beautiful and a real must for anyone who loves a song that really pulls at the heartstrings and a song that truly has meaning. The melody is perfect in its simplicity and the subtle backing vocals of Cam give the song that little bit more edge as Cam’s voice even in the smallest sense is perfection and clear and noticeable.

Brandon makes me want to cry with him in this song. The words are so painfully real, the chorus really hits you and it is a real “lump in the throat tear-jerker”.

The second verse I hope isn’t completely true because I don’t want him to have gone through that but if true then it makes Brandon even more so a very important artist in the country and LGBTQ community. Representing the LGBTQ community isn’t that known in the country world and Brandon’s honesty, vulnerability and equally his strength really shines throughout any music he puts out there. I remember being blown away by his single Hometown which again is a must listen to track.

When this virus leaves us and we can go back to normality again, I think seeing Brandon live should be on everyone’s list. I can’t say from experience as have never had the privilege but something tells me he will be sensational and if the emotional tones in his recorded music are anything to go by, then I can only imagine that live, it will be an unforgettable moment. I just want to see his songs sung acoustically and silently (audience wise) to really take the music all in. Perhaps a visit to the UK in the not too distant future Brandon? We are after all, an audience of listeners.


Stream Hurt People here

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