The Fatherline – This Work Is A Drug – Single Review

Today, UK band The Fatherline have released their latest single This Work Is A Drug. The melodic anthem is instantly loveable and highly memorable.

Tim Prottey-Jones‘ vocals are wonderfully powerful and incredibly passionate. The emotion in his voice is very believable and proves why he had so much success in musical theatre. To follow him on socials is a treat as he often posts covers of musical songs that he has converted into metal tracks. Is there a song Tim can’t sing? I doubt that!

Another thing that is attractive about Tim’s vocals in the lack of American influence. Many artists within the UK country/americana scene especially have a bad habit of slightly “Americanising” their voice but Tim’s is quite blatantly British and it sounds just fabulous and homely.

What I like about this track is it is quite hard to pin it down to one genre, it is in fact just a great song that should appeal to fans of all genres. A down tempo tune, this song has the potential to have numerous versions. Will there be a metal version Tim? Let’s hope so. Saying that, this does have a rock edge to it anyway and like I said, hard to pin to just one genre.

The song is well produced with beautiful instrumentation and I very much look forward to more songs from the band. Crank this song up loud, let the neighbours hear it! Pretty sure they will thank you for it.

Tim Prottey-Jones who takes the lead vocals and is joined by Rich Watson (GUITAR, BV’s), Steve Marks (BASS, BV’s), Elliot Vaughan (DRUMS, BV’s).

Twitter: @The_Fatherline @TimProtteyJones

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