Stories Behind The Songs – The Live Version – Madysyn – Girlfriend

Nashville based pop-country singer Madysyn is already taking the music industry by storm with her exceptional vocals, sweet nature and all round talent.

Already attracting the attention of critics, Madysyn has also gained a massive following across the globe and has a loyal following in Germany and the Philippines. With Germany having quite a strong country music base and a host to C2C Festival, let’s hope this means that Madysyn will be making a visit to the UK and the rest of Europe very soon. Of course, we do have to wait until the lockdowns get lifted and the world is a much safer place but let Madysyn help us have something to look forward to.

Whilst on lockdown, like many of us, Madysyn wants to keep the world a positive place and to spread joy wherever she can. Madysyn has very kindly taken time to film an acoustic version of her sensational debut single Girlfriend which is written by Ross Cooperman, Logan Turner and Cali Rodi. The song is also produced by Ross Copperman. Check it out as it is awesome.

Now, as huge fans of Ross Copperman here at BOON and in the UK in general, we just knew we were going to love this song before we even heard it. The song is really fun-lovin’ and instantly catchy, I can’t get it out of my head. With Madysyn’s wicked, cool and sassy vocals she really fits this song and her tone has a slight R&B vibe which gives the song that extra kick. I hope this song sees a lot of success as it truly deserves that. We need fresh talent like Madysyn in the country world and to start getting those radio stations to play more women as she will undoubtedly appeal not just to the country music fans but fans of all genres. When an acoustic song is THIS good, imagine the studio version? Well, you don’t have to imagine as you can check it out on Spotify Amazon and ITunes



About Madysyn

Madysyn is a country-pop singer/songwriter from California who started singing at the age of 5 when her Dad brought her on stage to perform a Christmas duet with him at Church. After practicing daily throughout her childhood, at 12 years old Madysyn’s Dad posted a 30-second clip of her singing Naughty Boy / Sam Smith’s hit “La La La” to his Facebook page and it immediately went viral, garnering over 20 million views. Embracing all the various new forms of social media and means to interact with and grow her fanbase, Madysyn developed a loyal fanbase stretching from Germany to the Philippines.

Raised on country music, Madysyn began moving away from online covers and writing her own material as well as working with other songwriters and producers including such hitmakers as Ross Copperman, Forest Whitehead and even super producer Timbaland.

In 2017 Madysyn took the plunge and made a home in Nashville TN where she now lives, working with renowned songwriters and producers who have crafted hits for the cream of country music from Keith Urban and Brett Eldredge to Maren Morris and Kelsea Ballerini.

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