Twinnie – Social Babies – Song Review

It’s no secret that we are huge Twinnie fans here at BOON. Watching her career grow from strength to strength has been pretty emotional and of course, we expected this success and for more success to follow. Twinnie has a good ear, an ability to know how to bridge the gap between UK modern country and US modern country and not travelling too far from her own unique stamp.

Social Babies is a fan favand has been for a long time to those who have been to live shows. The fact she has chosen this as a single now is a treat. The pop infused track is instantly addictive and after one listen, you can’t help but sing along. The song has the perfect fit for radio for on both sides of the Atlantic and Twinnie’s raspy, cool vocals make you want to hear more.

Recently signed with BMG, Twinnie is bound to get a lot of attention in the US as well as gaining an even bigger audience in the UK and potential collaborations with other BMG artists such as Jimmie Allen would be amazing if that were ever to happen, who knows? Whether that be a tour collaboration or music one, we will be happy either way.

The official video was also released recently and brings the lyrics to life.  A world where a huge percentage of the population is of course addicted to their phones and somewhat glamourising their “social lives” by painting a more desirable picture than their reality – the video and song show the lack of “actual” communication these days as people won’t look up from their phone. I actually attended a gig with a friend where they never looked up from their phone and I remember thinking “Why are you even here?”

Hopefully this song will reach out to the Social Babies of today and make them, (as Twinnie writes in lipstick on the mirror at the end of the video) #lookup. It is a beautiful world out there and you don’t need to fake it!


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