Temecula Road – Fades – Single Review

We have been waiting a while for new music from Temecula Road and recently they returned with their new single Fades. Returning with a slightly more mature sound, Temecula Road are really proving their talents, musical diversity and development in this song.

Dawson takes the lead in this track and his vocals have really strengthened over time. They were always good of course but are now even stronger. The song is smooth with a chilled vibe and a catchy melody. A lot more darker and perhaps slightly sombre than their other tracks, this song paints a pretty good picture of growing up, having that first real heartbreak, moving on and letting all those memories and pain eventually fade. This is part of what makes the trio so identifiable as a lot of their audience will be growing up with them and going through similar real-life experiences and if the band continue to translate that in their music then they will be a really important voice for their generation and younger generations. This of course doesn’t take anything away from having an older audience as the music and lyrics are still relevant.

Like all their music, Fades is radio friendly and should be being blast all across country radio right now, let’s hope that happens as these guys really deserve it.

Fades is written by Temecula Road’s own Dawson Anderson, along with Kevin Bard and Mike Daly and produced by Andrew DeRoberts (Devin Dawson, Kip Moore, Eli Young Band, Jillian Jacqueline).

The catchy tune has an element of Pop and the vocal harmonies are on point. Emma, Maddie and Dawson’s voices work so well together that I hope soon they will be recognised for Vocal Group of The Year at one of the big award ceremonies as let’s face it, the category is lacking “actual” vocal groups, there are maybe one or two.

There aren’t many country music groups like Temecula Road out at the moment, especially a group so young that the younger audience can identity with or look up to.

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