Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Interview: Thomas Kavanagh talks performing at C2C Festival, his single ‘Who Am I Gonna Love’, the first song he ever wrote and more!

Thomas Kavanagh is a Country singer/songwriter from the UK. Kavanagh recently played across the whole weekend of C2C Festival on various stages sharing his undeniable talent to audience members from all over the world.

Proving that the UK do country music well, Kavanagh was a highlight for many. His shows were even more special with his special guest Kirstie Kraus from the US on whom he duets with on his current single Who Am I Gonna Love! The emotive piano ballad is a powerful anthem with a catchy melody.

Thomas has just announced that he and Kirstie have filmed a video for this song, we can’t wait to see it!

We caught up with Thomas to discuss his time at C2C, his single, working back and forth from Nashville and more!

Hi Thomas how are you?

I’m very well thank you, still riding on the high after performing at C2C

How has your week been?

My week has been very busy, with writing sessions and writing custom songs for Songfinch.

You played C2C – firstly, you missed your train to London. What happened???

Oh that was a bad move on my part, as I was running late to the station I saw the signs for London and instantly just jumped on that train. The ticket I had was for the other train to London 15 mins later. Hahah I am so bad when i comes to trains, this isn’t the first time lt’s happened lol.

Secondly, how was C2C for you? You played a few shows?

C2C was incredible, the crowds were insane. Such a fantastic response being my first time playing there. I had the opportunity to play all 3 days this year. I also invited my good friend Kirstie Kraus over from Nashville to perform our duet single together.

Tell us about the audiences you had and the reactions, what songs seemed to have the best crowd reaction?

The audiences were very welcoming, it was great to meet people who i’ve grown a connection with over the years via zoom or on socia media. My latest singler received the best reaction as i think that’s where people remember me from.

You brought on stage Kirstie Kraus for single Who Am I Gonna Love – how was that?

Did she have fun? Yes she loved it, when ever we catch up we always talk about that moment, it was her first time to the UK too. So this was a fantastic experience for her.

How did working with Kirstie come to be?

We met from a writers round after a co-wrtier (Annabel Lyle) had written with me. She was in a round and I noticed Kirstie was from Nash and I reached out to her about setting up a write and we became friends ever since.

How was the rest of the festival for you? Did you catch anyones show?

Yes I caught a fair few acts who was on my radar, one of the acts I miseed due to stage clashes with myself was Tigirlilly Gold.

Tell us a bit about Who Am I Gonna Love – what was the writing process behind the song? Can you remember the day? How long it took to write and what you started with? A lyric? An idea? A melody?

This song was co-written by my friend Krystal King, we had written the song under a tree outside the hotel I was staying at Nashville. The first line you hear in the song is the first line that came to paper when we wrote it. The song is about me seeking love and the questions that people ask when seeking a partner, the excitement of who’s going to be the one that completes you. I love Krsystals touch with her lyrics and how we can make this more of a universal touch that everyone can relate to each other.

Do you get out to Nashville often? If so, do you get to do many writing sessions and again, if so, how would you describe a typical Nashville write?

Yes I go about every 2 to 3 months .I generally get about 3 writes whilst I’m there, I’m usually networking and building friendships and working on my next visit. Nashville writes, generally are with just a guitar and song titles, that have been placed in your notes, it’s a good therapy session too as you can talk about current events. Sometimes it’s those moments where the song takes place.

What places in Nashville do you like to visit? Venues, restaurants, bars? What kind of food & drink etc?

The city is always growing so I’m seeing new things all the time, Venues for me are Sonnys., I love trying burgers there in the main strip. But it’s also nice to explore things that I don’t have here back in the UK.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for you – when did you realise that music was the journey that you wanted to take?

For me, that was when i was 13 and my parents got me a guitar, I would lock myself away and learn on VHS (showing my age) on how to play. Watching bands on tour and having a good time, is something that i wanted to be apart of!! I have never looked back

Can you remember the first song that you ever wrote? Good or bad…

The first song I ever wrote was about my dad who left me when I was six called ‘A Memory That Is Fake’ I wrote that when I was 16 over the summer when I finished high school. I remember crying as that was the most personal I had ever let out into a song.

You like to add alternative endings to films on your socials…

Yeah that was thinking outside of the box to help promote the single, which i think worked as we are talking about it 🙂 I do like to do acting and entertainment so I like to do this when I’m not doing music.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I’m back to Nashville with more meetings and writes, I’m then back into the studio and recording new material, hopefully I will be out on the road, it’s been a minute since I’ve toured and I’m looking forward to do it again.

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