C2C Festival 2019

Country 2 Country Festival (C2C) 2019: Lady Antebellum- Live at O2 Arena Review

I don’t think you can ever catch Lady Antebellum on a bad day. With their high calibre of songs, excellent stage presence, beautiful voices, you are always going to be in for a treat.

In the C2C London Press conference I asked Lady AntebellumWith all the music you have released now, do you ever miss playing certain songs live, whether they big hits or album tracks?”

Charles, Dave and Hillary went on to say how when they come to the UK, they can change it up, they can put on tracks on the set list which they haven’t played in years.

The energy and the vibe that Lady Antebellum bring to a live setting is incredibly infectious. No matter how tired you are, if you’re not feeling it, you will be as soon as they are on, you just won’t be able to help yourself.

The trio and their fantastic band kicked off the set with I Run to You from their first album and already we remembered why it is we love this band so much. That early sound is like nothing else. The true chemisty the trio have on stage is warming, they are like family and it shows. There are no egos in Lady A and their appreciation and their love for the UK audience was clear and emotional.

The set list was full of hits such as Bartender, Just a Kiss, Heart Break, Compass and even going back to much loved classic Lady A songs American Honey, Lookin’ For A Good Time, Our King of Love and Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. One of the most beautiful songs Lady Antebellum have ever released is Hello World. From the Need You Now album, this song gets cut from their latest shows in the US due to it’s length and that it is a slow beat song, however, we fully embrace it in the UK and would have been disappointed that it wasn’t on the set list. Lady A sure know their UK audience.

The only issue of the whole night was the sound drowning out the vocals quite a bit, so it was very welcomed when Hillary, Charles and Dave sat down for an acoustic segment of the show. Performing some new songs in the mix, the group talked to the audience and Charles explained how we was in a much better place now after being someone who “probably wasn’t much fun to be in a band with”.

One surprise of the night was when Charles Kelley went into the audience whilst singing Suspicious Minds. Lady A often enter the audience to a B Stage but this time only Charles went into the crowd.

The second surprise of the show was when the trio invited Carly Pearce and Hunter Hayes on stage to perform Slow Hands by Niall Horan. This was a fun moment and Hillary celebrated singing with another woman for a change.

Leaving the stage after Love Don’t Live Here Anymore the crowd stayed put, ready for the encore. I don’t think there are the right words to describe the feeling when the piano intro of Need You Now echoed throughout the O2 Arena. The chills, the atmosphere, the energy, you just can’t buy that feeling. Need You Now is one of the best songs ever written in my opinion. Live, it is something truly special and really captivates you. The way Hillary and Charles sing it is so gorgeous that you are mesmerised. They didn’t leave it there though. Saying farewell in true fashion with the upbeat and very fitting We Owned The Night, which of course, they did! They always do!

Set list:

I Run to You


Just a Kiss

Heart Break


American Honey

Never Get Over You

Lookin’ For a Good Time / Suspicious Minds

Our Kind of Love

Hello World

When You Got a Good Thing / Dancin’ Away With My Heart / Wanted You More

Be Patient With My Love

Slow Hands (Niall Horan cover with Carly Pearce and Hunter Hayes)

You Look Good


Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

Need You Now

We Owned the Night

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