C2C Festival 2019

Country 2 Country Festival (C2C) 2019: Chris Stapleton – Live at London O2 Arena Review

From the moment he was announced on the C2C Festival 2019 Line Up it was clear that the majority of Festival goers were most excited to see Chris Stapleton. Ever since his first show in London at C2C Festival in 2016, everyone has been screaming for him to come back as a headliner and 2019 made it happen.

Stapleton needs no massive production, he needs no gimmicks or a full stage. All he needs is to bring the amps closer, the band small (One Bass player, one drummer and his wife Morgane for harmonies and tamborine) and himself. With a voice like Chris Stapleton has, you just want to enjoy it, embrace it, really hear every note and just be amazed.

Chris took to the stage and as soon as he hit one note, the crowd got up and roared with cheers. There had been nothing quite like this audience all weekend. Stapelton had arrived and no one was going anywhere. Wife Morgane’s harmonies are absolutely divine and we would love to hear her record some of her own music soon. The pair are vocally pefect together and the authenticity in both their voices is heavenly. Stapelton isn’t the worlds most interactive artist on stage but it works that way, it wouldn’t work if he did, it wouldn’t be believable.

A raw, honest singer, there is something about the way he just stands there, sings, plays his insane guitar skills, puts his head down and gets on with it that just makes his shows that bit more meaningful. It’s the realness of it, the fact that it is just about music, just about being heard and giving everyone their moneys worth.

Tracks such as Traveller, Broken Halo’s, Whiskey and You, Tennessee Whiskey, Might as Well Get Stoned, Parachute and Nobody to Blame had everyone singing along and everyone standing but I think he could have sung an entire set of new songs and nobody would have complained.

Leaving the stage after an electrifying version of Tennesse Whiskey, he returned to the stage for an emotive Sometimes I Cry.

He may have been the last act of the weekend in the main Arena but his set went by so fast. There is something very special about seeing the Stapeltons live on stage and with their killer band.

Chris Stapelton is proof that you don’t need distractions all over the place and that if your vocal is good enough, that is all we need.

We need to see a Glastonbury headline slot next.

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