William The Conqueror – Album Review – Bleeding on the Soundtrack. Rating: *****

William The Conqueror’s debut offering Proud Disturber Of The Peace (August 2017) made ripples and contained brilliant songs including In My Dreams, Did You Wrong and Pedestals.

Released today (Feb 15th), the Loose Music grunge Americana act’s second album Bleeding on the Soundtrack is a strong contender for Album of the Year 2019. This is a musical progression from Proud Disturber and is brilliantly produced by Ethan Johns who captures the live essence of the group. Johns has taken Joseph’s dishevelled music style and bottled it into 44 minutes of brilliance.

Quite simply this album is a sheer delight. Captivating, entertaining, catchy songs brilliantly delivered with Ruarri Joseph’s languid style, superbly backed by Naomi Holmes on bass and Harry Harding on drums.

Bleeding On The Soundtrack holds the listener from start to finish with tales of the confusion of adolescence, alcoholism, addiction, divorce and glimpses of emerging on the other side.

That’s not to say this is a depressing album in any way, there are lighter touches including the hilarious Thank Me Later, a track about bumbling adolescent romance which could easily be a hit single.


Path of the Crow hits the spot and sets the tone for the album. The Burden is an unhurried and magnificent song about addiction which rolls along splendidly

The title track Bleeding on The Soundtrack with its trademark strong riff and great rhythm from bass and drums is about addiction and ultimately forgiveness.

Looking For The Cure about recovery as a day-to-day process, optimism and joy.

The Curse of Friends is Grunge Americana meets Steely Dan. What a groove! The group had never played it live, persuaded Ethan Johns to join on slide and they nailed it in two takes. Impressive.

Be So Kind is another track about Joseph’s youth and happier times.

Sensitive Side is like listening to a William The Conqueror live show and again is about love.

Within Your Spell tackles alcohol to finish the album off magnificently.

Words by Chaz Brooks


Stream Bleeding On The Soundtrack here

Purchase Bleeding On The Soundtrack here


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