Stories Behind The Songs: The Live Version – Liddy Clark Shares the Tragic Story Behind Her Song “Shot Down (Stand Up)” In Dedication To The Parkland Students Who Lost Their Lives One Year Ago Today

Liddy Clark may be young at just 20 but she is way beyond her years and that shows in her songwriting. The emotion behind some of Liddy’s lyrics are strong and mature and of pain no one should have to feel let alone at her age. Liddy released her song Shot Down (Stand Up) last year and is one of her most personal yet. The song is about the tragedies that took place in her hometown of Parkland. Today February 14th 2019 sadly marks the one year anniversary of when this horrific incident occurred. I hope Liddy’s words will comfort people in some way and our thoughts of course go out to all those lost and all those affected by the tragic event. Liddy also released an offical video to the song which you can see here

Liddy kindly filmed an acoustic version of her powerfully moving song. Please check it out below;

Find out more about Liddy on her website here

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