Exclusive Video Premiere: Blue Honey – Those Are the Days

Nashville based Husband and Wife Country duo Blue Honey weren’t just “meant to be” as life partners but as vocal partners too. Their perfect blend of sweet, smooth and heavenly harmonies were written in the stars.

Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan who make up Blue Honey have had success as individual artists before forming as an acoustic duo. Despite their individual success, it was obvious that together they created something truly special.

Mixing Country with a bit of Blues, Blue Honey’s sound is infectious in its melodies, mesmerising in Kassie’s vocals and slick in Troy’s wicked Blues guitar riffs.

Today, we here at BOON are honoured to premiere their new video for Those Are The Days. All you need to hear is the hauntingly beautiful intro to be hooked. Kassie’s powerful vocals are enthralling and wonderfully emotive making you not only believe every word she is singing but making you feel it too. The video is perfect in its simplicity. With a stunning ballad such as this, you need no gimmicks, no distractions, just Kassie and Troy doing what they do best and that is exactly what they deliver and both the video and song will give you the chills (in a good way of course).

Blue Honey said of the song: “Those are the Days” is a song we wrote about a father leaving for war, and how the home life suffered while he was gone. But also about finding your strength and learning to fight for yourself and come out beautiful in the end.”

This year Blue Honey released their sophomore album Sweet Rebellion, which was co-produced by Kassie and Troy and includes twelve originals songs included Those Are the Days.

The duo were named one of the “10 Country Artists To Watch in 2018” by The Nashville Knack, were included on The Country Source’s One To Watch 2018” list and Buzzfeed’s2018’s Country Music Obsessions” list. Their song “Wherever You Are Tonight” was also recently featured on Spectra Music’s Americana Made: Volume 1 compilation album.

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