Interview: Introducing 16 year old Lexi Lauren: Lexi talks about her California Christmas EP and more

Hailing from Sacramento, California, 16 year old country music singer/songwriter Lexi Lauren first came to our attention when she released her single Don’t Text back in 2017: raising awareness of the dangers of using your phone whilst driving.

Since moving to Nashville in 2017, Lexi has kept a very busy schedule ; writing, performing and even being a part of the Song Suffragettes.

Lexi recently released her Christmas EP titled California Christmas  just in time for the festive season to get everyone in that Country Christmas mood.

The EP has some fun Christmas covers with a country twist as well as an original song called California Christmas.

Be sure to follow Lexi @lexilaurenmusic to keep up to date on shows, new music, and exciting things coming soon!

Listen to California Christmas here

Purchase California Christmas here


Hi Lexi How are you?

I’m great, thanks for asking!

What have you been up to this week?

I’m actually in California right now, visiting family and friends before Christmas! It feels so nice to be home for a couple weeks:)

You just released your EP California Christmas; Tell us why you decided to release a Christmas EP?

I absolutely love this time of year, it’s my favorite season! When the idea came about to release a Christmas EP, it was a no brainer – I wanted to be able to spread a little Christmas cheer this holiday season!

Tell us about some of the people you worked with on the EP.

My producer worked SO hard to make sure this EP was finished and perfected in time for the release, and really captured everything I was wanting for this project! He always knows how to take my vision and make it 10x better, and he really did an amazing job!

My sister did all my makeup, photography, videography, and sets for this project – and I’m so grateful for all her help! She’s so talented, and I wouldn’t of been able to pull off this release without her help!

Do you have any stand out memories making this EP?

We had so much fun filming the video for “California Christmas”, which is now up on Youtube! The video has a “magical, fairytale land, Christmas” vibe, which is exactly what I was envisioning. We filmed in downtown Franklin and Columbia, and had a total blast!

Tell us about some of the songs that you chose to cover, why you chose to cover them and what you added to them to make them more to your stylings.

When picking the cover songs for the EP, I chose 4 popular Christmas songs from different decades! I wanted each song to have elements that were popular in that decade, while putting my own spin on them and making each song my own. We had a ton of fun recording these songs, and I’m so excited for the world to finally hear them all!

Tell us about the original track, what was the writing process and anything else you wish to share about the song?

When writing this song, I wanted it to capture what I felt last year, being away from home for the first time at Christmas. Even though the decorations, the snow, and the lights are festive and pretty – when you’re away from everyone you love and are close to during the holidays, it can be hard to get into the Christmas spirit. I wrote the song with Jenna Paulette, who is honestly one of my favorite people in Nashville, and I’m so happy with the way it turned out!

How hard or easy is it to write a Christmas song, especially when it has to have a certain jingle, familiarity etc.

Since the concept for “California Christmas” was such a unique idea, it wasn’t too difficult to write! I definitely thought it would be – since there are so many lines from other classic Christmas songs (if you listen closely, you can count about 10!). Most of the songs I write are pretty upbeat and fun, so making sure it had a certain jingle is something I always tend to do. I just hope that this song means something to people that are far away from their hometown during the holidays.

Describe a typical Christmas in California, does your street go all out decoration wise and your family too?

Yes, definitely! My old neighborhood in California always went all out with Christmas decorations. and my neighborhood in Nashville does too! I think the difference between the two places are just little things – the weather, the snow, not having family or old friends in town… just the unfamiliarity of everything. I’m used to a sunny Christmas, not 12 degrees and snowing haha!

What do you personally love about Christmas?

Honestly everything! I love when everyone gets together, the decorations all over town, the cheerful music playing on the radio, the traditions my family has… It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year 🙂

What are your family Christmas traditions?

My family and I all pile into the car, drive through Starbucks to get hot chocolate, and go to look at all the Christmas lights! It’s something we’ve done for the longest time, and it’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

What is your favourite Christmas movie and why?

Definitely “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” – my family used to call me “Lexi Lou Who” when I was little, because it’s always been my favorite Christmas movie!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I would say either “Blue Christmas” or “O Holy Night”, which is why I decided to record both for the EP!

What food and drinks do you look forward to at Christmas?

My mom makes a killer lasagna on Christmas Eve EVERY year, and my grandma makes the most amazing pretzel jello – which are two of my favorite foods around the holidays! I love hot chocolate at Christmas too, SO yum!

What do you hope to get at Christmas?

I’m actually finishing redecorating my music room, and I’m going for a 70s/groovy vibe – so probably lava lamps, shaggy rugs, and some fun wall decor haha!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year and for 2019?

I’m currently in California for a couple weeks, and I’m so excited to be back for a little bit! Some of my family is flying out for Christmas and New Years, so we’ll all get to spend some time together. I’m super pumped to release more music, play a bunch more shows, and meet a lot more of my supporters in 2019!

Thanks so much Lexi

Thank you so much again! Have an amazing weekend, and happy holidays!

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