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Lainey Wilson – Live at London’s Bush Hall – ***** Review

After a books worth of issues getting me to London and back on Tuesday October 23rd, I can safely say that it was worth it! It may have ended up being a seven hour round trip just to catch the support acts of someone else’s show (Chase Rice) but when you hear Lainey Wilson’s voice, all of that effort makes perfect sense.

Lainey had me from the moment I heard the first line of her song Workin’ Overtime from her current self titled EP so when I heard she was joining Jimmie Allen, another new favourite of mine, to support Chase Rice, it was a no brainer.

Lainey is on the traditional side of country music. A somewhat refreshing style, Lainey is not one to be missed.

Lainey graced the stage at Bush Hall with just her guitar and was met by a full and engaged crowd. From the moment she started singing, the audience were hers. My friend stood front and centre singing along to every word which caught Lainey’s attention. “I can’t believe I have travelled across the pond and someone knows the words to my songs” she beamed.

Lainey is sassy. Standing tall in Jean flared trousers and a seventies styled shirt, we knew we were going to be getting a show full of attitude. Starting with Workin’ Overtime, Lainey made her mark on every person in the venue with her music and I am pretty sure that each one of them was going to purchase every song of hers straight after the show.

Lainey treated us with tracks from her EP such as the fun Waste of Good Whiskey and more. She got the crowd participation thing down to a T with Middle Finger and High on Somethin’. Sharing a funny story about her sister and her being 19 months apart, living in same room, same house, same parents but being completely different she burst into the song Two Storey House. 

Dreamcatcher was one that stuck to many people’s minds. The stunning down tempo track is country music at its best. A lovely story of how her friend had a dreamcatcher when they were kids, Lainey explains how she thought about being a human dreamcatcher, taking away all the pain from loved ones and thus the song Dreamcatcher was born. This song is truly one of the best songs in country music at the moment and anyone who says women don’t listen to women can do one because Lainey is the perfect representation to women in country music.

If you enjoy artists like Ashley Monroe then you will love Lainey Wilson. Big things are destined for this sensational singer/songwriter who alone made going to the show worth it for anyone. This was her first ever show in the UK and I feel privileged to have been there. Like many US artists who play for us for the first time, she was very taken back my the attentive audience. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a few tears back stage by just how welcome we all made her.

Lainey has to come back to the UK. Recently being signed to Broken Bow Records, when her album comes out, she is going to blow up the country music scene. The fact Wilson’s music is on the traditional side, I think her audience will be massive and hopefully she will part of the movement to bring more women to the radio and then perhaps we will see more of an equal festival bill everywhere.

Not only did Lainey shine on stage with her music and personality but she may just have THE best accent I have ever heard.

Review by Hannah Compton


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