Megan McKenna – High Heeled Shoes/Far Cry From Love – Single Review

When people hear that a tv star wants to make a transition into a music career some tend to be a little bit skeptical as to whether it will work or not but there are even bigger problems where reality stars are concerned and it is doubtful if they can achieve a successful career.

When we, namely the country music fan base heard that someone from TOWIE was pursuing a country music career we were a little shocked but were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt given that the country music fan base is a loyal and supportive one.

Megan McKenna introduced her dream of becoming a country singer in the form of a three part documentary series which was a smart move as it not only gave us an introduction to her as a singer but her as a person and it was also a better idea than just pushing a single on us with no desire to listen and no idea of who she was.

There’s Something About Megan aired on ITVbe in the UK from Sunday 3rd September through to Tuesday 5th September. The show took us through Megan’s experience out in Nashville to which she spent a month in. With it being just three episodes, we only saw snippets of what I can imagine was a lot more of an in depth stay with a lot more hard work from Megan than we saw on the series. The series did make it look like she did everything in a very short space of time with not much input and I would have liked to have seen more, especially her recording the songs in the studio.

Today, Wednesday 6th September Megan released a double single Far Cry From Love and High Heeled Shoes. Download here 

We see both songs featured on the show a fair bit and both are sung on the final episode where Megan plays an intimate showcase to industry experts.

Far Cry From Love was, as far as we are lead to believe, Megan’s first hand at writing a song – Megan co – wrote this song with Grammy Award winning and sought after songwriter Beth Nielson Chapman. Megan’s main focus for the story of this song was her relationship with current boyfriend Pete Wicks who have had quite the rocky relationship in the past. Beth’s goal was to get Megan to open up and to write from the heart and tell a story which is what country music is all about and for her first attempt, she managed to more than impress Beth.

Far Cry From Love is an emotional country ballad with a lovely acoustic melody complimented by Megan’s stunning vocals. This song proves that Megan is far from someone who just woke up one day and decided she wanted to be a singer. Megan’s vocals are surprisingly good with years of experience and a very mature yet at the same time youthful sound. What Megan has that makes her so suited to country music is her natural country tone with vocal riffs not too dissimilar from the likes of artists such as Dolly Parton – whilst Megan of course does not have the southern tone, she has that elegant, incredibly hard to achieve, natural shaky tone. As hard as it is to describe what I mean, Dolly Parton herself has likened her own voice to that of a nanny goat – so a tuneful and beautiful tone much like a nanny goat. That is a compliment by the way.

This song is as emotive as you would expect from its title and Megan’s vocals show a vulnerable and innocent side to her that many may have not seen before and she shows true passion and honesty within her lyrics and in the way that she translates them through her vocal. This song is good, it doesn’t have much change in it melodically or a stand out chorus as such but sometimes simple is best.

High Heeled Shoes – this song was written by Catherine McGrath, Norma Jean Martine and Nick Southwood. Catherine McGrath is already known to the UK country fan base as an artist in her own right. Catherine pulls in very strong elements of an early Taylor Swift and is a very strong songwriter so Megan has done well to secure a song from an already well established artist within the UK.

High Heeled Shoes has more of a country pop sound to it and I can certainly hear Catherine McGrath in the song. This song is more upbeat than Far Cry From Love and does have a typical country pop sound and lyrics that remind me of very early Taylor Swift, especially in her previously unreleased tracks that are now all over you tube. High Heeled Shoes is a lot more infectious and memorable than Far Cry From Love and more youthful and is one of those songs that Megan will find people will sing a long to at her shows.

I do look forward to seeing how far Megan goes in her music career and how involved in the country music scene she will be. I hope that Megan brings her TOWIE audience to the wonderful world that is country music and that they will now look up other artists such as Megan’s favourite Carrie Underwood and our UK favourites The Shires, Ward Thomas, Catherine McGrath, Lucie Silvas, Twinnie and Una Healy to name but a few.

Country Music is one of the best genres to be a part of and hopefully we will see Megan at country gigs, C2C Festival and more and showing a true passion for the genre and its artists.

I wish Megan all the luck and success and will be keeping a watchful eye on her career.

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