Jamie – Lee Thurston – Givin’ Up Breathin’ – Single Review

Jamie Lee Thurston is a country singer/songwriter from Vermont who currently resides in Nashville.

Having been on the scene for a while, Jamie Lee returns with new music and so far we are absolutely loving it! Jamie Lee released his current single Givin’ Up Breathin‘ September 29th and I highly recommend downloading it.

Givin’ up Breathin’ – Single by Jamie Lee Thurston

Jamie Lee has a very traditional country sound in both his music and his vocals which we don’t hear that much in todays male artists. Although Jamie Lee has a strong traditional style his music is still a sound that fits within todays modern market. Jamie Lee is country, there is no denying that and it is great to have an artist who will cause no debate. When you turn on country radio the type of artist that you want to hear is Jamie Lee Thurston and I certainly hope that he gets the airplay he deserves.

Jamie Lee has such a wonderful, passionate and strong, baritone voice which really suits country music. His soulful and raw, edgy voice leaves a mark and makes you remember him and want to hear more.

Givin’ Up Breathin’ brings me back to Nashville and driving around listening to country radio in the days they played artists such as Josh Turner, Brad Paisley and similar artists all the time. The song has a nice old styled country rock vibe to it with really stand out guitar work and a solid, steady, mid tempo, memorable melody.

Givin’ Up Breathin’ was co written between Thurston and George Teren (produced by Thurston and co-produced by Mike Purcell, who has also worked with Lynyrd Skynyrd, BR-549, and Waylon Jennings, amongst others).

I look forward to hearing more from Jamie Lee and will certainly seek out his back catalogue.


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