C2C Festival 2017

Hunter Hayes – Live Review at C2C Festival

Hunter Hayes is probably one of the most talented musicians in the world right now. A multi instrumentalist which not many people realise, this guy has a huge, long lasting career ahead of him. Hunter’s music can often be misunderstood. A lot of country fans see him as the teeny bopper of country music but if they really listened to him and if they saw him live, then I think their opinions would change quickly. Fortunately, having a slot on the main stage at C2C Festival gave Hunter the opportunity to show exactly what he is made of. Quite a few people came up to me after saying how they never realised just how good he was and had no idea that he played so many instruments or wrote his own music.

I do agree about the music leaning more towards the younger side though to some extent, as good as his music is, it does seem to reach a younger demographic but older audiences like him too. His undeniable talent and ability to write will likely grow as he does which will then make him unstoppable and the ability to be one of the greatest musicians in the world.

Hunter is one of the most wonderful people to see on stage. Not only is he a remarkable performer but he treats his audience so well and makes you feel you could go up and talk to him if you saw him on the street. Hunter is always incredibly grateful to his audience and one of the things I love about him is just how much he loves his band. I have never seen an artist give quite as much love and praise towards his band as he does. He has kept the same band members for years now with some of them being with him since the very beginning. Together, they play some of the most amazing live music you will ever hear and are totally electrifying and very arena pleasing.

Hunter started the set with fan favourite I Want Crazy which is such a great song that it could easily cross genres and be highly successful on the all genre charts. Every non country fan I have played this song to, love it! I know his team tried to market him as pop over here and changed the backing of the song but it made the song bad and no where near as good as the original – shame really because the country elements of the song don’t even scream country that much so it wouldn’t have harmed him to market the original version.

The rest of the set was filled with his hits such as Storm Warning, Tattoo, Somebody’s Heartbreak where he brought Charlie Worsham on stage to play with him, Light Me Up and ending with Wanted.

Hunters performances are always infectious and exciting. He knows how to entertain a crowd for sure and proves why his fans buy tickets to see him over and over again.

He could have just sang song after song and not showcased his instrumental genius, he could have not interacted with the crowd and not made people fall in love with his personality, he could have squeezed more songs in if he didn’t do any of those things, it would have been so easy. But he doesn’t want easy….he wants crazy!

Set list:

I Want Crazy
Storm Warning
Somebody’s Heartbreak (featuring Charlie Worsham)
Tell Me
Light Me Up
Yesterday’s Song

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