C2C Festival 2017

Darius Rucker Steals The Show At C2C Festival

I have loved Darius Rucker since the Hootie and The Blowfish Days. A nineties kid, they were one of my favourite bands at the time so hearing lead singer Darius Rucker was going solo but in the country genre made my day.

His song Alright has become one of my favourite songs ever. Darius Rucker has one of the most unique and gifted voices of all time and not in an over the top, can hit any note kind of way but in a totally distinctive, raw, edgy and infectious way. He has the kind of voice that you want to hear on satellite navigation or books on tape (yes they still exsist).

You will never get a bad show with Darius Rucker. He is such a tough act to follow and many (and I spoke to a lot of people about him) said he was the highlight for them and no one could top his performance.

The band got the crowd going with their exceptional playing and when Darius walked on stage, the crowd were already up on their feet cheering as he began singing the words to Lighter Up. Darius is a showman and does the best ‘dad dancing’ you will ever see. He certainly knows how to sway those hips. Radio was next which is a hugely popular song and I failed to see anyone not sing along or smile. Darius style of music is not too distant from the sound of Hootie and The Blowfish – it just has something about it that is just so darn good that he is almost a genre himself. The song Southern State Of Mind went down a treat as is such a great song to sing along to and he had me and many others I am sure in tears for It Won’t Be Like This For Long. As a new mum, I was in floods and probably not the best person to sit next to at that point as I was pretty much howling haha. But that song is just so so good with such wonderful and relatable lyrics to any parent that it is hard not to be emotional.

Halfway though the set Darius says that no matter what the music is, who the artist is, a good song is a good song and this brings him to perform two covers. Firstly, Garth Brooks Friends In Low Places which the crowd loved and everyone sang along. Then, he did a cover of Blackstreets No Diggity which was one of the highlights for me as I love that band and that song, it was a reminder of my school years, sitting in my dorm with my fellow room mates and chanting along to the song all day long. My seat neighbours and I sang along to every word with sheer delight and it was so much fun. From then on the set was just insanely brilliant. Oh my goodness, what a show, what a band and what a singer. I have to give a massive shout out to Darius’ band because they made the show what it is almost as much as he did. Their talent on stage was killer and they really rocked the joint. When he sang Alright, which always goes down very well, I didn’t care who I was annoying at that point. I was standing, singing obnoxiously loud, arms in the air and whoop wooing. I went even crazier during Hold My Hand which is pretty much the best live song ever and one of the most fun songs to sing along to at a gig. Darius sung two Hootie songs that night with the other being Only Wanna Be With You.

It’s during Come Back Song that always makes me giggle. I love that song and adore the way Darius dances throughout it with his come back hand movements.

It wouldn’t have been right to do a set without Wagon Wheel of course whilst not originally his, his version has become one of the most popular country songs of the modern world and one of the most crowd pleasing songs on Darius’ set list.

Taking a moment to remember the great musicians that we lost last year, Darius explains how many of them were his idols and he ends the night with an epic, atmospheric and mind blowing, emotional performance of Prince’s Purple Rain. Darius’ grunge rock voice suits this song so well and what a way to end the show. Seriously, Reba had a tough act to follow and it is no wonder that so many people said that Darius stole the show that night because he really did.

Set list:

Lighter Up
Southern State of Mind
If I Told You
True Believers
First Time
It Won’t Be Like This For Long
Friends in Low Places
No Diggity
Hold My Hand
Homegrown Honey
Only Wanna Be With You
Come Back Song
Wagon Wheel
Purple Rain

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