C2C Festival 2017

Dan + Shay make the UK Obsessed with their C2C performance

Dan + Shay seem to be gaining a lot of attention at the moment and we couldn’t be more happy about that. An already successful career straight after their debut single 19 You and Me, Dan + Shay just keep getting better and better.

No stranger to the UK after their first sold out tour in the UK last year, fans, myself included were delighted to hear of their return.

Dan + Shay opened up the main stage on the Saturday of C2C Festival in London. Being one of the most exciting and promising duo’s in country music at the moment, the arena was full with almost everyone arriving early to catch their set.

Arriving just in time myself, I had to squeeze past people to get to my seat only to discover it was Temecula Road who I had been bumping into everywhere. I was delighted to see them there as had just interviewed them moments before and it is always nice to see musicians supporting each other.

Dan + Shay certainly took it up a notch or two after their last UK tour, likely down to the fact this was an arena show and their headline tour was smaller venues with smaller stages.

Making quite the entrance, Dan + Shay began with All Nighter from their current album Obsessed. The audience all sang along and as I was looking around the crowd, I could see that almost everyone was stood up from their seat. What a way to start the evening. These two were going to be a hard act to follow.

The most talked about moment however was their cover of Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name. Dan Smyers is definitely the rock fan of the two. Always sporting a rock or metal band t shirt, it didn’t come as much of a surprise that they would cover that genre of music, however Shay’s voice does suit a more R & B style but he pulled it off. I would love to hear Dan sing more solo though.

Dan + Shay interacted really well with their audience and they both just seemed so overwhelmed to be on the 02 stage. I love that! I love how humble these artists are when they come to see us. They all have such a huge career in the US but always seem to be genuinely surprised that any of us know who they are let alone know all the words to each and every song.

The set list was perfectly put together with every song being not only well known to fans, but really catchy and up tempo ones which got the crowd pumping and ready for an evening of fist pumping, arena chanting, jump out of your seats kind of music.

From The Ground Up was an emotional moment, especially for Shay seeing as he is a new father but also for both of them as a duo. Their career was built from the ground up and they have achieved so much in such a short space of time and deservedly so. This song, which has been their most successful yet, was more than well received by the audience and was the loudest moment crowd singing wise.

Dan then tells the crowd how they are going to go off the set list for a little bit and apologises if they go over their time slot by a minute or two. He gives a massive shout out to duo partner Shay Mooney, stating how he has the best voice in country music. Singing their beautiful ballad Obsessed which they never sang on their last tour here, at least not the night that I went to. Shay proved Dan right by singing an insanely good vocal with no flaws and a lot of improvisation which was not only mesmerising but so ridiculously good that you could not help but shake you head in awe and just look at the person next to you speechless.

Singing How Not To before ending with their debut single 19 You + Me, Dan + Shay really knocked it out of the park and ended their set on a high. Their performance was so enthusiastic and energising which looked as if it just came from sheer excitement. Knowing that it would likely be a long time before they got the chance to perform on the 02 Arena stage again, Dan + Shay really went all out and took every opportunity to not only give the audience a darn good time, but to make sure they had a darn good time too.

Their set certainly showed me their performance ability and just how suited to a main stage they are and I really hope that they return to the UK soon and in bigger staged venues where they belong.

Set list:

All Nighter
Nothin’ Like You
Stop, Drop and Roll
You Give Love a Bad Name
Road Trippin’
Show You Off
From the Ground Up
How Not To
19 You + Me

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