Beau James – Cowboy Boots Music Video premieres today! Please take a look at the new one take video shot by Torrey Johnson – starring Beau James and introducing his cousin Hannah Walker. Cowboy Boots is out now on Randm Records.

Beau James is one of the finest new artists in Country/Americana music today. He has an undeniable talent when it comes to singing and writing music, producing a refreshing and welcoming sound which is instantly memorable, enjoyable and exciting.

Beau is not your typical Americana or country artist though – he always creates something a little different in every one of his songs, making him a unique artist who keeps you interested, curious and constantly blown away.

The first time I heard Beau’ music was his previous single Head Start. I was instantly hooked from the very start and my love for his music began right there.

Cowboy Boots is Beau James’ new single released today and trust me, this track is one that needs to be heard, shared and talked about. It has a very infectious Spaghetti Western/Americana sound that instantly grabs your attention, making you stop in your tracks and really listen.

Beau has a very clever and creative way of writing lyrics with a wonderful use of words which are really relatable and very interesting to listen to, especially in this song. I find myself taking in every word and am constantly impressed by his writing talents.

Beau has a natural soulful tone to his voice and is incomparable to any other artist as he has such a wonderfully distinctive style.

Cowboy Boots is original, captivating and lyrically and sonically genius.

Pulling on these cowboy boots,
They’re faded black and the heels are wearing away.
Because they’re the final piece of my facade
That helps me hide my human heart away
From what people might say.
Cause words you say to a troubled man
You never know how they’re affecting him
And it might just sent that man into despair
But that’s why I wear

Beau is a without a doubt a groundbreaking artist who deserves the attention of just about everyone and anyone who has a good ear for and appreciates great music.

The video, which is also released today, matches the music perfectly in it’s almost film noir, western theme. Beau acts alongside his cousin Hannah Walker. It is filmed down in Blue Springs Mississippi at his grandmothers house.

You can download Cowboy Boots now
Cowboy Boots – Single by Beau James

Cowboy Boots is also available on Beau’ album Landmarks which is also available now

Landmarks by Beau James




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