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Old Dominion – Self Titled – Album Review

Old Dominion have fast become a favourite amongst UK Country music fans and they always sell out their tours. The bands fun’ lovin, enjoying life vibe is incredibly infectious and the fact that they make good music too, well then that makes them almost unbeatable. You will never get bored seeing Old Dominion live and listening to their album makes you want to see them again and again as their tracks have a live music quality to them that even on an album, it feels as if you are in a live setting.

Lead single Make It Sweet really hit the spot upon its release and we all knew that we were in for yet another cracking record. Something about Matt Ramsey’s voice just feels so good and it has a homely way about it. The band as a whole are supremely talented and their strong bond shows all over every song they have ever put out and it’s no wonder that the main Songwriters of the band;( Matt Ramsey, Trevor Rosen and Brad Tursi) are so sought after.

The self titled album does not disappoint. Often when a debut album such as Meat and Candy are so strong, it can be downhill from there but thankfully this is not the case for Old D. Happy Endings was equally epic and this one is pretty much on par too, this band can simply do no wrong in my eyes.

Smooth Sailing has a very easy going way about it but has a catchy chorus. The song has that great modern country edge to it with great harmonies on the bridge and chorus which really pull you in. It’s those kind of band harmonies that attract me to country music mixed with traditional instruments. One Mand Band is just breathtaking. The ballad has a simple yet gorgeous intro and is a really sweet track which live I can only imagine is stunning. The guitar riff throughout the song is very catchy and has a reggae way about it which really works. This is the kind of song I want to see be played live at every award ceremony going. Hard to beat and is easily an early favourite for me. It shows the diversity of the band that when at times it seems they don’t take themselves that seriously, they then produce a song like this and you realise they are capable of anything.

Never Be Sorry follows on with the “band can do anything” quote. Much like New York at Night from the Happy Endings album, this track holds a lot of dance stylings to it. The song is uplifting and fun.

A lovely piano based track is My Heart is A Bar. Another track with gorgeous male harmonies and it’s bands like this that should be dominating the male side of country music. Things get very country with Midnight Mess Around. The riff, the instruments, the vibe is somewhat old school but equally modern. The song also has a bit of a hotel club way about it which I can’t really explain. It does make you want to sway too.

Some songs aren’t as strong as others and for me Do It With Me is one of those but, I do feel it will grow on me as I listen to it more often.  Hear You Now and American Style are others that I need to pay more attention to. I’ll Roll instantly caught my attention with its fabulous intro. The singing style is different from what we are used to from Matt and I really love it! I love the style of this song with a wild country edge to it and a blend of folk. This is another favourite for me from the album. The song is just excellent. The instrumentation at times is so hypnotic, Trippy and as the lyrics say Wild and free.

Paint The Grass Green has that signature Old D style to it, in fact they have their own stamp on all their tracks which no else has and is incredibly hard to describe but let’s just say that Old Dominion are a genre within themselves.

I adore Some People Do. It is a great way to end the album and is another stunning piano ballad which again proves the band just grow from strength to strength. I love this vulnerable side of the band. This song shows notes that I didn’t even know Matt could reach. The song is beautifully sad. If this song doesn’t make you cry…..

Another splendid album from one of the greatest bands to recently emerge from country music. This band are destined for great things and their writing is second to none. It’s hard to find a band that excite you as much as these guys do and their artistry and skill is so on point that they change the game and know exactly what works.




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