Indigo Summer – Before Tonight – Single and Lyric Video out Today

I find myself looking forward to that point in every month when Indigo Summer release a new single. As someone who has championed them from the start and has heard every song off their up and coming album, I find myself becoming a bit of an impatient child at christmas who wants to just show off her new toy but in this case, show off a new song.

Before Tonight is the single that Indigo Summer have released today along with a lyric video which you can watch above. Again, much like their other singles, this song is impressive, addictive and fantastically catchy. It is up-beat, energising and mature all at the same time.

The verse starts of relatively slow and then flows into a more up tempo chorus with a louder impact and infectious sing along words.

Bryan and Hope’s ability to translate experiences and feelings into relatable lyrics are first-rate and shows both talent and skill. Before Tonight is the kind of song that will appeal to anyone from the younger generation to older. I wouldn’t say that there is a typical demographic to their music. The chorus is instantly memorable and I actually found myself singing it as I was shopping yesterday, not loud enough to scare anyone thankfully.

I have said it before and dang it! I will say it again but country radio really needs to get behind this duo. Before Tonight is a song you can’t help but turn up loud and play over and over again and should this song get to be on the radio? Then it is one you sit and wait for hours for and one you would constantly request.

It’s easy for me to say that Indigo Summer are one of the most wonderfully addictive artists to emerge from Nashville today but you really need to listen to their music to find out for yourselves. There is so much room in the industry for this duo. They have an array of talent which seems to just grow and grow as they release an even more brilliant song each month.


Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix who make up Indigo Summer are more than just singers. All their material is written by themselves or co written. Having spoken to Indigo Summer a few months ago via Face Time, I can tell you that they are also two of the most humble, down to earth and friendly people who I have spoken to in the industry. To me, and I am sure I am not alone in saying this, it is criminal that they are not more widely recognised. Perhaps it is early days yet and maybe I am too eager too fast but I really do think that it is only a matter of time before they hit it big.

Modern Country Pop is becoming more and more popular and with artists such as Indigo Summer, it will only continue to expand.

Over the past few months, I have kept an eye on Indigo Summer‘ performances each time they upload one online and the more they perform together, the better they get. They are really starting to gel as a duo and are starting to compliment each others strengths. Their voices match perfectly and they have their harmonies spot on. The performance that really blew me away was their recent facebook live performance which can be seen on their facebook page. Although they only performed a few songs, they truly pulled it out of the bag and made it look so easy when it really isn’t. Trust me, I know and my poor son suffers for it ha-ha!

Please download this song, I would love to hear what you think and look out for more songs over the coming months, there are more yet be released, some of which are my very favourites.

Before Tonight – Single by Indigo Summer


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