Katy Hurt – What Have You Got To Lose – Single Review

UK Singer/Songwriter Katy Hurt quite simply has one of the best vocals in the industry. A powerhouse, Hurt has the voice that can fit within almost any genre. Her vocals aren’t wasted to mediocre music either. Each song that Katy has put out is well written and wonderfully produced with catchy melodies whether they are upbeat or ballads.

What Have You Got Lose is no exception! A beautiful mid tempo ballad, the song holds strong elements of traditional country blended with a dash of blues, a sprinkle of soul and pinch of Jazz. The emotion and story telling in Hurts vocals are incredibly infectious to listen to.

What Have You Got To Lose is the captivating new country soul single from Katy Hurt’s upcoming debut album. Produced by Juno award-winning Murray Pulver and recorded at Stereobus Studios in Winnipeg, this heartwarming track showcases the power of love and the strength of commitment. With its powerful lyrics, What Have You Got To Lose tells a story of resilience and unwavering dedication that will leave listeners feeling hopeful and inspired.

We wanted to create something that would really resonate with people,” Katy explained. “The lyrics are all about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone, whilst knowing that you can have the safety net of a strong relationship to fall back on. I think that’s something that a lot of people hope for in love.”

We would love to see Katy Hurt on festival line ups for other genres rather than just country and Americana. A place at Cheltenham Jazz Festival would really suit her and various Blues events.

We always say it, but we are surprised she hasn’t a major deal yet. That being said, Independent artists are really special as you know what they release is likely all their own craft and the direction they want to go without restrictions.

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