Darius Rucker- Fires Don’t Start Themselves – Single Review

Darius Rucker has never put out a bad song in our opinion. We don’t think it’s possible for him to do so with his voice. Darius’ vocals are just happiness and he never fails to put us in a good mood. Even with his more emotional tunes, he lifts us up as his songs are very healing.

Fires Don’t Start Themselves is classic Rucker. He delivers the best sounds of country music which instantly transport you to Nashville.

Written by Dan Isbell, Ben Hayslip, and Jacob Rice, there isn’t anyone more suited for this track than Rucker. It has a cool 90’s edge to it and is just a harmless, inoffensive, fun, mid- tempo song!

So, let’s drink what’s left of this bottle of wine, Move a little closer ’til the sparks start flyin. Turn the lights down low and pull the Conway off of the shelf , Then we’ll dance through the kitchen and straight down the hall, Let my old blue jeans and your sundress fall, Girl, we’re holding the lighter And fires don’t start themselves

Like all of his songs, Fires Don’t Start Themselves is an arena ready song. If you have seen Darius live, then you know he is one heck of a showman and if you haven’t, then try to go to a show as soon as you can. He is our on tour this Spring and Summer.

We very much look forward to the new album!

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