Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Things for the Kids to do during the day at the O2 arena if not attending the ticketed shows.

I don’t know how many people go to C2C Festival with their families and if people go with small children or not but every year we make it a weekend for our family. My husband and children (aged 7 and 2 ) don’t come along to the ticketed events but do come along to have a bit of fun at the o2 arena when I am working!

There is quite a bit to do to occupy the minds of the small children and to keep them energised.

Hollywood Bowl for example has a great little arcade as well of course bowling!!! You can eat there and play there and have fun on the arcades for hours. My eldest enjoys collecting tickets when he plays a game and then exchanging them for sweets. He never has enough tickets but the staff are very kind and give him a small sweet anyway. It’s only one of the little Maoam sweets but to my son, he’s won the lottery! Kindness goes a long way!

Another thing they have at the O2 is Oxygen Free Jumping. We book this in advance as there are special times for kids under 5 as it’s usually 5 plus. This toddler play also includes sensory sessions.

There are trampolines galore, slides, a foam pit, Ninja course, reaction pods and a small softplay area. There is also a cafe on site. Check them out here

This year we had a lot of fun at Toca Social. They have Interactive Football Booths.

TOCA Social has a selection of four games, to please both football lovers and haters alike. With a range of levels for each game, it is accessible for players of all abilities, even those who have never kicked a ball before.

You can to play on the level that works for you: beginner, intermediate or advanced. If there are more than six of you, you can pair up on the pitch.

When you are at your booth you have your photo taken so that when it’s your turn, your name and photo pop up on the screen and on some games, your faces are the targets so this was so much fun for my kids to kick the ball at their mum and dad. There was a lot of laughter! We did this for an hour (well the boys did with their Dad as I worked) and they said that it was so much fun – the hour went very fast! The footballs are provided and you can also hire sturdier football shoes to kick better!

At your booth you have a designated server who will bring you food and drink! You have table and chairs to enjoy this in your booth. We had the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich which was on offer during the festival for £5 and was absolutely delicious!!! The kids had their food in a nice box and had macaroni and cheese with fries. Whilst you can order pudding, we went to their sweet/dessert stand which is between both rooms of booths. This was so much fun! My son got a pick and mix of sweets.

There were a lot of parties going on so it seemed the best place for kids parties.

Toca Social also put on a Bucking Bronco especially for C2C Festival which even kids could go on! There was also a DJ playing country music.

We would definitely go again!

Check them out here

There are undoubtedly more things to do but these are just the things we did in the two days that we were there! We will update every time we do something new!

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