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The Young Fables – Pages – Album Review

The Young Fables were one of the first artists we ever reviewed when we started this website. An independent Nashville based duo, The Young Fables are one of the most underrated artists within the country/Americana/folk genre.

Laurel Wright & Wes Lunsford who make up The Young Fables have always delivered some of the most beautiful songs and in fact one of our favourite albums of all time, is their debut album Two.

Pages is no exception. Stunning from the opening track Wonder If We Did, the album is sublime throughout!

Pages was released in 2022 so we are a bit behind on this one! But it is never too late to discover new music is it? This album was part of a kickstarter too so I am a bit gutted that I didn’t know at the time as I would have supported it!

The album is full of beautifully crafted, well written songs that are incredibly close to home for the pair. In recent years, Laurel has suffered a lot of loss. Her sister Lindy passed in a tragic accident and her father passed not long after to which Laurel describes as “from a broken heart”. Laurel and her family are incredibly close so these songs truly reflect on the pain she has suffered and how she struggles from time to time. Laurel is incredibly brave and her strength is inspiring! She doesn’t shy away from admitting that some days, she just can’t face it and her honesty makes her a wonderful role model for others.

The Young Fables prove in this album that whilst music isn’t a cure for a broken heart, that it is a temporary healer whether you are the writer or the listener. These songs are a true example of connecting artists to their fans.

She Was Mine is one of the more heart breaking tracks from the album. A melancholic melody and beautifully painful lyrics, this song is for Laurel’s sister. The chorus is Laurel addressing God saying “when you called her home, you left me behind. I know she’s yours but it sure felt like she was mine”

Been Here The Whole Time is from the perspective of Laurel’s father. The lyrics are a collection of words that he has said across the years that she wanted to put down in song before the memories of those words faded. Another example of music being a healer, this song in particular is said to have been a factor in Laurel’s movement to heal. This song will undoubtedly and sadly resonate with many people but more positively, will help those people heal or cope in the moment of listening.

Buried Me Too is as somber as you can probably imagine. It speaks of those difficulties of getting through a funeral with the chorus “They lowered you down, flowers on the ground. Can’t get back around, when they took you, they buried me too.”

Other lyrics imply the possibilities of connecting from the other side with words such as “If you’re a ghost maybe then you’ll answer when I call or maybe we’ll rub shoulders in the hall”.

The melody of this song is stunningly beautiful. The notation tells the story itself in a way as it’s so perfectly written and played with the exact amount of instrumentation needed and at the right tempo! It’s gorgeous!

Wonder if We Did where the album starts, is an upbeat number and has a strong “The Young Fables” stamp to it which is reminiscent to their album Two. I love Laurels vocals on this song, she has this wonderful way of showing her emotions so well in her vocal tone. She’s definitely a storyteller.

House of the Lord is another up beat number with a lot of energy in both the instrumentation and the duo’s vocals. Somewhat bewitching, the song is very ear catching. It feels so different from the rest of the album but I love this direction of the duo. It’s more dark and has a gospel feel.

Over You is a fun tune with a wonderfully easy listening guitar riff and beat. The kind of song that gets the foot tapping and the crowd clapping, Over You is great energy!

Look at Us is a Jazz and bluesy type song with great guitar picking! A lovely tribute to the love and support that Laurel and Wes have for each other, this song is simply divine!

A Thing or Two is one of the more country sounding tunes. It’s somewhat anthemic and very well produced.

Built for Breaking is another upbeat sounding song with an energetic melody! It’s a track to get you in a more uplifting mood despite its lyrics. I definitely find myself humming this a lot. Great guitar solo too.

Nothing Like Your Love is a cinematic song! It has that closing credits feel to it! It’s easy listening with a sprinkle of summertime.

Where Are You Lonesome? A traditional country sounding tune with infectious sounds from the pedal steel guitar. Laurel’s vocals suit traditional, modern country as well as Blues, Jazz and more! This song holds elements of all those genres beautifully.

Pages is a beautiful album! The Young Fables are exceptional in their craft. Every album they put out is just phenomenal. Every detail has been well thought through from every note played, every instrument used and every vocal sung! Nothing is bad or lacklustre on this album or any of their albums. The Young Fables, to simply put it, just have that undeniable talent that you are born with!

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