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Faeland – a UK based Folk Duo That Will Soothe Mind and Spirit – ‘When I Close My Eyes’ – Album Review

Singer-songwriter Rebecca Nelson and guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Jacob Morrison make up the Gloucestershire, UK based Folk duo Faeland.

Their music is described on their website as “Folk-inspired acoustic song medicine to soothe mind and spirit” and we couldn’t agree more!

Listening to their music for the first time this week, we found ourselves instantly drawn to the hypnotic vocal stylings of Nelson and the captivating hooks of their melodies.

Current album When I Close My Eyes is a stunning album with mesmerising traditional folk styled tunes that will have you drifting off into a beautiful, dream-like state of mind! Easier in particular is bewitching in its instrumentation and Vocals.

What Will I Be holds strong traditional folk tones that are simple and peaceful but very effective. Made to Love You has a hauntingly beautiful piano driven melody which is powerfully emotive especially with the passionate vocals from Rebecca.

Used To and Little Lights have more upbeat, toe tapping feels to them. Little Lights is a delightful tune with optimistic lyrics against a more sombre backstory. End of the Day is a magical lullaby that is soft and gentle. To The Ones I Know and Love holds a folk noir vibe and again, like much of the tracks it is ghostly and hypnotic.

The melodies of all the songs have a magnificent way of making the listener breathe in every note! We have listed our favourites so far but each song is worth a listen.

There is something earthly and freeing about their music. It’s like walking through the wilderness alone on a beautiful sunny morning or enjoying a nice, peaceful evening around a campfire with a bright and shining moon and starry sky with nothing else around you!

Faeland are sonically and lyrically poetic. We will definitely be taking a listen to their previous albums and recommend you do to!

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