The Road to The Long Road Festival: Gabe Lee – a Must-See act!

Let us begin with “What a find!!!”. Gabe Lee is an artist who will remain on our playlist for a very long time! It’s always such a special thing to fall in love with an artists music from pretty much the first note sung! It doesn’t happen to us often enough!

Every note played and sung on Gabe’s music is beautifully melodic. His voice tells a story in such a real way that completely grabs your full attention. It’s so easy to get lost within his music. His artistry is timeless, classic and modern all at the same time, blending country, americana, folk and church music – making some of the most authentic music we have heard in a while. The simplicity in his music is perfection and it needs no major production – just him and real musical instruments. When you listen to him, you are instantly transported to an intimate live setting, it’s quite breathtaking!

Lee is someone not to be missed at The Long Road Festival and if he is on The Front Porch Stage, well then I can’t imagine a better setting! I can picture the scene of sitting amongst the hay bales, eyes closed and just letting the music soak in. Gabe is all what The Long Road Festival is about, the discovery of non-mainstream artists who are genuinely some of the best musicians in the genre. It’s artists like Gabe that attract us and make us want to go every year. Baylen Leonard has such a keen eye and ear for finding these absolutely sensational acts and getting them on the billing. I remember being in awe of Andrew Alli on The Long Road’s first ever year!

I am currently listening to his Live at Water Street EP which gives us a great indication of what to expect at TLR and quite frankly, he is now a priority for us.

Gabe Lee was born and raised in Nashville. His parents moved to the United States from Taiwan in the early ’80s. Gabe came from a musical family as his mother was a professional piano player. With his mother having a piano in the home, Lee was influenced to play piano himself and started to learn. Taking a music course at Belmont University, Gabe discovered his love for other genres and learned to play other instruments such as the guitar. He then prioritised his time with songwriting and playing those songs across the Nashville scene.

Lee has a handsome back catalogue of music available already, including his debut album Farmland and his second album Honky Tonk Hell. Both well worth a listen!

In 2021 he released the above mentioned Live at Water Street EP and more recently his album The Hometown Kid. Again, both well worth a listen! His website describes The Hometown Kid as “ a record about arrivals and departures, homes and homecomings, and the lessons we carry with us, finds him distilling those sounds into something sharp and singular, examining his roots as a Nashville native along the way.”

Lee likes to write about his personal experiences. His stylings bring country, folk, americana and church music together.

Make sure you catch his set!


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