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Carly Pearce – 29: Written In Stone – Live From Music City – Review

Carly Pearce is fast becoming one of the most loved and respected female artists in country music and it isn’t hard to see why. What Carly brings to the genre is so important as she has managed to perfectly bridge the gap between modern and traditional country music. Her songs are hard not to love for both fans who won’t go near the modern sound and fans who tend to steer away from the traditional side of country. Just listen to Dear Miss Loretta and Diamondback for example.

Carly is like a friend, a sister to her fans. Her music is so relatable and real and we all know that she has actually lived these experiences as it shows not just in her writing but in the way she sings her songs too. That relatability, that authenticity and real life emotion translates beautifully on this live record, you can feel every word. If you relate, then you can’t help but find yourself singing along loudly much like the audience on this record and then feeling great about yourself after because it’s such a healer. Her music enables you to get those feelings out and out loudly and releasing that negative energy.

If you can’t relate to her experiences then you can’t help but sing a long too and think “We got you Carly, you’ll be just fine” and that shows in her fan support.

A Carly Pearce show is an experience as well as just being at a show! Even just listening to this record I can’t help but feel a certain closeness to her and understanding of her world. That’s a rarity. The band are exceptional and bring the music really alive, those traditional instruments are just highly infectious and bring so much positivity. The band with Pearce’s, vocals, on stage presence and crowd interactions make me feel I actually feel like I am at the show rather than being at home. If I close my eyes, I am transported there. What this record does do well is make you crave a Carly show and that’s whether you were a fan already or not.

The guests on this record bring it to the next level. Matthew West and Pearce are delightful on Truth Be Told. Lee Brice and Carly are beautiful together on I Hope You’re Happy Now but there is something so very magical about her collaboration with Ashley McBryde on Never Wanted to Be That Girl. No wonder it has won a Grammy!

29 Written In Stone – Live From Music City is just an absolute banger of a live album and should be way up their with some of the greats and it won’t be long before Pearce reaches that legendary status herself. She is proving that women in country have it!! She is proving that women in country are a force to be reckoned with and that they have all the live music skills and talent that the men in country music have if not more. I would take a Carly show over the major selling male artists any day.

They say at country radio that women don’t want to hear women, that fans don’t care about the ballads and the sad stories but they couldn’t be more wrong! We want all those songs and the upbeat tunes too. From ballads such as Every Little Thing, Messy, 29 and more to Diamondback, Hide The Wine and other upbeat tracks, Carly will make you cry, laugh and feel dang amazing all in one night or in this case, on one record.

Carly Pearce isn’t going anywhere but up! We have seen her grow from an artist who seemed slightly unsure on how to truly be herself to an unbelievably confident and inspirational woman who is a wonderful role model. Undoubtedly her musical creations have helped a number of people get through their difficult times.

I don’t know about you, but after listening to this record I want to go out, fully confident and not care about a dang thing!

Get your copy now!

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