Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Country 2 Country-C2C Festival 2023: Breland at The Saloon – All Bar One – Breland Made My 7 Year Old’s Weekend!

Trying to get my son to sleep last night was quite the challenge because he laid there in bed with a huge smile on his face saying just how amazing Breland was at the Saloon – All Bar One at Country 2 Country Festival. In fact he was so sweet and so happy that I couldn’t ask him to be quiet and go to sleep!

Flashback to the show! We arrived about half an hour early and as media, we were able to go straight in but even then it was absolutely packed in the Saloon as people stay there all day! We found it a bit overwhelming and I was slightly concerned for my 7 year old’s safety and wondered if I had made a mistake in going at all? I didn’t want to let him down as Breland was the only artist that he was seeing all weekend and he was incredibly excited! We couldn’t move. Two wonderful ladies sat down near us helped us push to the front which I wasn’t particularly confident to do on my own. Going around to the side nearest to the bar, we managed to secure him a spot at the very front and side of stage. He is of course not big enough to block anyones view so it wasn’t an issue and another kind couple helped him get that spot. This also meant he and I were separated but at least we could see each other.

When Breland took to the stage my son turned at me with a thumbs up and a smile. After a bit of interviewing first by Apple Music Country Radio he then went into his first song Don’t Touch My Truck. This is my son’s absolute favourite song and I was close to tears seeing his little face turn around at me with the biggest smile on his face. It was very emotional watching him experience the love of an artist in a live setting for the first time. We have taken him to many shows but this was the first one that meant something to him!

Breland was being interviewed between songs and surprisingly, my son was listening. I am sure he probably didn’t understand much of what was going on but he was very well behaved.

Breland played a handful of songs to a very eager and loyal crowd. It was easy to see why Breland has become so popular here and so fast. Not only is he an incredible artist and a superb performer, but his personality and on stage performance skills are infectious and he just lifts you up. Breland and his band are amazing to watch and this show was particularly intimate and we felt very privileged to have been there.

Breland performed Cross Country and his new song that he showcased for the first time during the After Party the night before, The Extra Mile. That song is so new in fact that not even his management had heard it. He wrote the song just weeks ago with Caitlyn Smith whom he had fallen in love musically at last years C2C Festival.

The song is sensational!!!!

Breland also played Praise The Lord and Throw it Back!

Hearing these songs in this kind of setting where he and his band alongside the interviewer are just sat on stools on a small stage with a small yet crowded audience was truly special. If you know Breland, then you know that he is one of the most energetic entertainers on stage. If you weren’t at his after party then you missed what was one of the best shows of the weekend. That energy was still there for this show and it was funny and adorable to see him jump off the stool for Praise the Lord and Throw It Back. He accidentally unattached his mic during all the excitement for Praise The Lord.

Throw It Back was so much fun! Breland and the audience were singing along so much and at one point he got into the crowd at the front. My son’s face was an absolute picture, he just couldn’t believe it! He also told me how Breland’s guitarist Christian Crawford kept smiling at him!

When the show ended I was a bit concerned how we were going to get out as no one was leaving! We had already clocked the VIP area to the other side of the stage which led to a general area of sofa’s showing a more swift exit. I asked kindly if we could sneak through and they were funny at first as said it was VIP. I explained that I didn’t care and had no interest in that area but literally wanted a safe exit and this was the only way. They agreed and we passed through immediately as stated and we were out of the venue with no issues and in no time. I am grateful for that because safety concerns were at play here and I would have been shocked if a tiny VIP area would have been the reason for my son to push through crowds of people with glasses full of drink which could spill on him.

He could have easily fallen over too and been trampled on. I probably wouldn’t take him back there but am glad he got to see Breland.

I won’t ever forget my son’s face during this show! It’s a beautiful memory to see your child see an artist he loves live for the first time. He even met Breland after but was very shy! Breland asked if he wanted a photo and my son said no and hid behind me. I hope Breland realised it wasn’t personal! My son later regretted not getting one.

My son hasn’t stopped talking about Breland and said “how is he that good? How Mummy?”

He also came away with a new favourite song in Cross Country.

What a magical moment! Thank you Breland.

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