Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Bucking Bronco, Nashville Hot Fried Chicken for £5, Interactive Football Boxes and a DJ playing Country Music all at Toca Social at the O2 Arena during the festival.

C2C’s 10th Anniversary is getting closer and we cannot wait for all the festivities that weekend. Live music, friends, family, food, drink, what else could we possibly want?

Well….a Bucking Bronco that’s we want!

Toca Social at the O2 Arena are putting on some special things for C2C attendees this March! It seems that they really do know us!

Toca Social are giving guests a chance to ride their mechanical bull that they have brought in especially for the weekend. This will be in TOCA Social’s Midfield Bar, whilst a DJ plays all the best country classics.

Toca have also informed us that “If you need a little more horsepower to fuel the day, the fan favourite Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich will be available for only £5 over the course of the weekend”. (A delicious buttermilk chicken thigh, topped with American cheese, pickles, kewpie mayo and lettuce, each served with their own personal mini bottle of Tabasco on the side.)

The full food menu includes a modern Americana-inspired menu, created by a Michelin-trained, creative chef. They have choices to satisfy all dietary requests and requirements. Check out the full menu here.

Kids menu here.

If you fancy just going to the bar or ordering drinks with your food/games then they have a great drinks menu including cocktails. Check out the menu here.

If you aren’t familiar with Toca Social then do get familiar. Many fans bring their family to C2C, us included, and my kids do have a slight interest in seeing the music but I know that they will want to do more interactive activities too whilst they are there. Toca are known for their interactive football boxes which take up to 12 people.

The boxes have a selection of four games, to please both football lovers and those whom aren’t too keen. Well this is a fun way for people who are good at and not so good at football to have fun without really caring if they are any good or not. With a range of levels for each game, it is accessible for players of all abilities, even those who have never kicked a ball before (or kicked a ball in the direction intended like I seem to always fail to do). There are targets to hit on a big screen to win points. Choose to play on the level that works for you: beginner, intermediate or advanced. If there are more than six of you, you can pair up on the pitch.

This will be great for families and friends because you not only have fun together but can split the cost too. You can have the booths for 30,60 or 90 minutes and up to 12 people. But get booking fast as they go very quickly. Book your box here

As well as boxes, you can challenge family and friends to see who comes out on top in foosball, or snap some memories in the selfie booths.

Toca Social definitely seems like the place to expand those festival memories. This is great for all guests including those who don’t necessarily have tickets to any of the events and are there for the non ticketed stages or as we said, for families who may want to do something a little different over the weekend.

The Bucking Bronco especially is going to be hilarious to first, have a go on and secondly, have a laugh watching friends and family on it too. I can imagine we will see many merry guests having a go. I hope there will be many snaps and videos over the weekend of people enjoying it!

Will we see you there??

TOCA Social’s Country Special will coincide with the O2’s C2C Festival, from Friday 10th March to Sunday 12th March.
To book a box or a table: please visit
Also check out TOCA Social on Instagram @tocasocial

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