Mike Gossin (of Gloriana) Let’s Ride (Feat Cheyenne Kimball) – Single Review

Award-winning singer-songwriter Mike Gossin formerly of the band Gloriana, recently released his solo single Let’s Ride and if that wasn’t exciting enough for fans of Gloriana, the song also features his former band mate Cheyenne Kimball. I am afraid we are late to the party on this one as it was released back in October 2022 but you know what? It’s never too late to jump on board so we are so glad that we have found it now.

Gloriana, in our opinion, were one of the best vocal groups in country music. Brothers Mike and Tom Gossin, Cheyenne Kimball (who later left the group) and Rachel Reinert had it all; the vocals, the style, the sass and that friendly, approachable feel that made you feel so connected with them as a band and their music.

Tom Gossin took the role of lead male vocalist within the group so it’s truly wonderful that Mike is releasing solo material and that we are getting to hear his vocals more. Not to take anything away from Tom of course as we are still huge fans of his voice too.

Let’s Ride doesn’t travel too far from the Gloriana sound that we all know and love so much. It’s beautiful to have that little nod to their style whether that is intended or not. Bringing Cheyenne into the mix was a great move and hearing and seeing them together again is so nostalgic. I have personally missed them all immensely.

Mike always brought a rocky edge to Gloriana and he is staying true to himself within Let’s Ride. Gossin and Kimball’s vocals blend so beautifully together as they both have a gorgeous raw tone.

Let’s Ride is written by Mike Gossin and Cheyenne Kimball and also produced by Gossin.

It’s an instantly catchy song from the start, with an arena filled, country rock anthem vibe. It is so wonderfully memorable that I have had it in my head after the first listen. A song that will sound epic in a live setting, we hope that Gossin takes his solo music on tour and please, Mike, if you’re reading, visit the UK because Gloriana never managed to and the UK fans will definitely embrace you.

Gossin is set to release more music this year and we cannot wait as this has been eagerly anticipated for a long time. Let’s Ride is a beautiful reunion of one half of one of the greatest country bands in modern country music. A song for all year round, we will be blasting this tune from our stereo, phone and car all year!

Gossin has also released a video to accompany the track.

The video, which was shot at Onyx Hall in Lawrenceburg, TN, was directed and produced by the Bolo Brothers. The video pays homage to longtime music industry sound technician Rick Reith, who suddenly passed away at the beginning of the year. Rick worked for many years with Gloriana and became like family. Mike, who wrote the treatment for the video, wanted to do something special by having Rick’s initials carved into a table featured in the video. “If it wasn’t for Rick, I wouldn’t be back in Nashville doing what I love and releasing the new music, so it felt fitting to honor him in some way in the video,” said Mike.

Mike goes on to explain, “I’m a fan of performance videos that also have a story element to them, so I wanted to incorporate the unexplainable gravitational pull for Cheyenne and I to come back together. After I had the dream with us performing together and she called out of the blue we decided to jump in and see where we can go. That’s what I wrote the song about, dropping everything, hopping in the truck and driving away together regardless of what’s happening around us and getting back to what we love, making music. I think we captured that in this video and I hope that fans enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Let’s Ride” will be a part of Mike Gossin’s upcoming solo project slated for release in 2023. As a founding member of the former powerhouse group Gloriana, Mike has toured internationally with superstars including Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Alan Jackson, and Sheryl Crow. During their time as a group Gloriana was on top of the charts with massive hits including “Wild at Heart,” “Kissed You Goodnight” and “Can’t Shake You.” They were nominated for numerous honors, winning AMA, CMT, and ACM Awards, and even played at the White House at the request of the President.

For more information on Mike Gossin and to keep up to date with news please visit his website here and you can follow him on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

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