Una Healy – This Is Your Life – Single Review

The inspirational power anthem is some of Una’s best work yet. Her vocals shine throughout the song showing believable emotion behind her voice.

Melodically the song has a very special “power-ballad” feel. This Is Your Life is uplifting and relatable with lyrics that motivate the individual to appreciate and love their life for what it is – despite the ups and downs and hardships that may have been faced.

This is Your Life chronicles a journey of learning who you are, gaining perspective for what you want out of life and celebrating that: “this is your life, your one and only life / live it heavy, live it light / get it wrong and get it right” Una sings. Produced, recorded and mixed by Martin Quinn and co-written by Anna Krantz (Ed Sheeran, Maren Morris) and Una.

Speaking of the single, the Irish singer-songwriter says “I originally started writing ‘This Is Your Life’ nearly 25 years ago when I was a teenager, when I was just beginning my career as a singer/songwriter.  I went back to it many times over the years, but was never able to finish it until recently. I realise now that I never had the life experience or perspective to get to the heart of the song until now.  The song is all about those mistakes you make to work out who you are, and what you want out of life. Even when life may feel difficult or even hopeless at times, you have to remember that without those struggles, you may never truly know what brings you joy

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