Artist to Artist: Katy Hurt Interviews Locash at The Long Road Festival

Katy – Ok, hey guys, so I guess the first question really needs to be… How’s Long Road been so far? How’s the UK treating ya?

It’s amazing we are falling in love.


Just telling you, yes it’s incredible here. We actually been here since Monday, last Monday, and you know we had a lot of time, a lot of interviews going on, but we got to see Buckingham Palace and do all the touristy stuff, and then we even took our wives over to Paris.

Oh nice!

For the night

Oh I’m sure that they appreciated that.

Yes, and we did too it was great. Yeah everybody has been so nice and so polite and we are just excited to be on stage now.

So this is going to be your first UK show?

First one!! Yep, we are UK virgins.

Well you are going to find out soon what we are like as a crowd then.

This is it yeah, we wanna go to the camp grounds and see what it’s like. Well we are hearing great stories about how the British fans are listeners and appreciate of some of the songs that weren’t singles on the radio so yeah we are excited about that.

Yeah I think because we don’t get as many artists coming over here to play. So when the albums come out we just listen to the whole record, and thats it. So I’ve heard that a lot of artists find they can play the B Sides more.

Yeah it’s beautiful for us.

What are you doing when you get back home. Are you going out on tour or anything?

Yep right back out, we have 48 hours off and then it’s out with the Beach Boys

Oh no way!!

We do a show with them in Tahoe and then you know just back to the regular grind, back to the regular show schedule and getting new music out.

Oh have you got new music on the way?

Yeah, we do. We’ll have it out probably, you might hear something the beginning of next year, some new stuff.

Ah I can’t wait (please send it to me early so I can listen) Okay… do you have any tour traditions? What do you do before you go on stage?

We watched a lot of Motley Crue, you know, Whitesnake and 80s rock.

Same okay!!

We like the get the boys in the band together for about 30 seconds and just make sure that all of our heads are clear and that we are ready to melt some faces. And just kinda do a little chant.

And just make sure that everybody is in the right kinda headspace as we head on stage.

Do you have any like rider snacks, that are your go too? You know like Pink M&M’s?

There are M&M’s but…Everybody’s is M&M’s – (laughter). It’s just on the road, I don’t even ask for them, they are just thrown on the rider.
It’s funny because on our rider, you know how people ask for like Green M&M’s or something crazy, so we put a poster of Katy Perry, or Jessica Alba, or Britney Spears has to be backstage.

Thats amazing!

And so when we go to our dressing room there is always a poster of like one of those girls and its fun!

Hahaha I’m going to start asking for a Motley Crue poster, that’s fun! Do you change your set list much? I know that you say that your UK virgins, so maybe you haven’t experienced it much yet, but would you change your set list for a UK crowd vs US?

Is there any particular UK food that you’ve experienced that you love?

Fish and Chips, a lot of Fish and Chips. We had to try that a few times. Man. You know, mashed peas.

Mushy peas!!!

Yeah mushy peas. I love those.


Those are good.

Mushy peas are a classic British food.

Yeah love that!

I’ve enjoyed the wine and the beer, definitely.

Yup, alcohol is the other traditional British food (laughter) so you’re doing well.

The tribute beer is amazing, the warm beer. It’s so good.

It’s so funny because….I don’t think it’s supposed to be warm
It’s just funny, because the things I love about over there, are like the beer is cold.

Well I mean that’s pretty much it for all my questions, but I hope that you guys have an incredible time and good luck out there.

Thank you!

And thank you guys for chatting with me.

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