Artist to Artist: Katy Hurt Interviews Tebey at The Long Road Festival

Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Tebey is no stranger to playing in the UK now. He is a massive part of the UK country music community and dedicates so much of his time for his fans here which we all appreciate so much!

Tebey has written for many established artists over the years but it’s his own uplifting, fun and engaging music that we love so much!

Tebey has such an approachable persona, he is warm and wonderful and just makes you feel so welcome when you are in his presence.

Katy Hurt caught up with Tebey, a friend of hers as well as fellow artist.

Katy – So I am interviewing you for Building our own Nashville, Hannah is very sorry that she couldn’t be here to ask these questions herself – so it’s starts with just Hey!

What’s up?

How you doing?

I’m good I’m good

How’s your trip been so far?

Good, yeah its been good.

Any highlights?

Um, you know what going out to Norwich was cool, just cause as you know my grandfathers from there so that was kind cool getting a little bit of my family history in. And I just love seeing the different towns and the different cities. Yeah
Right cause most people come to London, or they’ll go to Manchester and they don’t get to see, what I call, I don’t wanna say like the real Britain, but just the smaller towns, the country towns and stuff.

Awesome! How was Nashville meets London?

Yeah it was good, it was good. I mean listen any show that I get to play over here is a win. You know like seriously it’s just growing the fanbase, so if it’s 100 people or 5000 it don’t matter. I gotta long way to go.

Well we are glad to have you

Thank you!

Since you used to live here, what do you love doing when you come back and
what food and drink do you have to have?

Football, football, football (laughter) I love it. Or soccer for my American colleagues, yeah I just love watching football. (Yeah) We are going to see Cheltenham

Oh cool you got tickets, yay

I did yeah, cause I just wanted to go see my Spurs, they are actually playing in Northampton, I think tomorrow, or Saturday, whenever Saturday is. (Tomorrow) But we are going to be in the Cotswolds, so we are going to go check out Cheltenham.

Aw well have an amazing time!

Tell me about your upcoming album Tulum and what was the idea behind the title? What can we expect?

Okay, ah Tulum, I’ve just been spending a ton of time down there. We are actually building a house in Tulum, so it’s a quick flight from Nashville, there is a direct flight to Cancun and then we just drive two hours, an hour and a half south. You know we just started writing the album down there. I brought my producer and my songwriting buddy down there and we started writing it there. So Tulum just felt like the way to go you know. And there are songs like Sink With the Sun that obviously talk about the ocean and water

Beach Country

A Little bit, not as far as Kenny Chesney but there’s some influence there

he’s tractor beach country

yeah I think he like owns that entire part of the genre but yeah so that’s basically where it came from. We are not done, I was supposed to come out in the fall but I just haven’t had the time with touring and being over here and stuff so we are planning on releasing early ’23.

Amazing, okay so how did you decide to pick your current single?

Um, man that’s a tough one, you know believe it or not I can be very insecure when it comes to my songs, there’s never really been a time where I’ve been like “This is a hit”, I just write them, and let them marinate, for like two three years honestly. Like the “Good Ones” that sat on the shelf for three years. I always say if I come back to it and it feels as good as when I wrote it then there is probably something there. But anyways, with Sink with the Sun, that was my manager Jill, that was her call, she really really wanted that to be the single, and I listen to her and now people are digging it.

Last questions, have you caught anyone else’s set today and what do you have planned next?

I have not yet, I heard Jess (Moskaluke), who obviously sounds fantastic, so I have not, I always tend to show up late, like this is the earliest I’ve ever shown up to a gig in my entire life

And then you get stuck doing interviews instead of seeing other people

Honestly, like I’m one of those guys that’ll show up 30 minutes before the show, play the show and then I leave. That’s just the way I am, I can be very antisocial, I just like to be by myself, I’ve found a lot of artists, myself included, because we are creatives and introverted, we want to be focused on making stuff, and aren’t so good at the going outside and talking to people thing. The schmoozing,

exactly the schmoozing

you guys use that term.


I hate it, and maybe my career, would be better and I’d be a bigger star if I was better at schmoozing (big laughter) But I just keep to myself

And you keep it real though and that’s probably more important!

Well that’s the thing man anyone who’s ever spent time around me, If I’m in a bad mood you’re gonna know it. I’m not gonna bullshit, I wear my heart on my sleeve, so what you see is what you get with me. So if I don’t wanna be here you’re gonna know it, I don’t like to be fake, I’m not fake at all.

Well I like that is evident in everything that you do and obviously you know I’m a big fan.

Thank you!

So thank you very much for catching up with me and with Building Our Own Nashville

Anytime Cool, Simple!

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