Artist to Artist Interview: Katy Hurt Talks to Lindsay Ell at The Long Road Festival

Lindsay Ell and Katy Hurt

UK Singer/Songwriter Katy Hurt kindly helped us out at The Long Road Festival this year (2022) as we originally couldn’t make the Friday and Sunday. Katy joining us was very last minute, we are talking a days notice and most of the interviews were short notice, some (Lindsay included) a couple of minutes as of course we hadn’t planned to do any. These interviews are Katy’s first ever interviews and we are so proud of what she has done.

We hope you enjoy!

Lindsay Ell – The Long Road Festival 2022
Photo Credit: Zoe Hodges

Hey Lindsay – So I’ve been asked to take over for Building Our Own Nashville…

Amazing, that’s awesome!

I was very excited when I found out that you were playing

Oh my gosh thank you!

So how’s it been, how did your set go?

The Long Road is so amazing, I’ve wanted to play this festival for years and it’s just awesome to come out here and see the vibe that has been built in this beautiful property out in the middle of the country. It’s just so fun to see everybody excited about country music and I’m just so proud of Baylen and the vibe that they have built here is just incredible.

Yeah, it’s pretty special

And so special and the fans are here for it, and I’m here for it 100%

Yeah, I mean you sounded incredible, and when you got people singing along to your guitar, I was in stitches that was hilarious.

Haha thank you!

Loved it. So what are you up to next, you are on tour with Cadillac Three right?

I am. Yeah.

Lindsay Ell- The Long Road Festival 2022
Photo Credit: Zoe Hodges

So how many shows are you guys doing?

We are doing 9 shows throughout the UK, which is gonna be so fun. I’ve wanted to tour with those boys for a long time and we’ve talked about it a lot and so the fact that we finally made it happen is amazing, and that I can tour with them throughout the UK, they have just built such an incredible following here and like a really cool rock following as well, which, when I get to turn up my guitar its always exciting to me.

Yes definitely!

I thought, I decided to do this tour as like a white stripes vibe, so me and my drummer open the show every night. Of course tonight at the long road we are full band but yeah we’ve been having so much fun out on the road with the boys.

Yeah that’s so cool. So what’s next for you , where are you headed after this? Other than the tour?

Well we finish the tour with the Cadillac Three and then I head to Canada for a few shows, then I’m home to Nashville for a few days and then I head to Australia –

Oh wow so non stop.

For a festival, a little bit non stop for the next few months. And then we start shooting Canada’s got talent, the season 2.

Oh yeah, of course, how is that going?

So fun, it’s been so fun to do you know some TV, and to be hosting a show. I just love our team so much and I’m so excited to meet all of the acts that will be on this year.

Have you found that following that show being aired, your platform has grown as well? Has there been a knock on effect?

Yeah, it’s crazy, TV is just so crazy, it has such a beautiful voice to just really communicate people, musicians or personalities, so I’ve so so loved being a part of that show.

Amazing, okay one final question? Are you going to be at the CCMA’s?

Yeah, yes thats where I head actually right from London.

Ah amazing, well I’ll see you at the CCMA’s then.

Amazing, awesome, well I guess we’ll be chasing each other in the air.

Absolutely. Well I hope you have an amazing time the rest of the festival, and tour.

I will and it’s so good to see you and I’ll see you in Calgary.


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