The Big Feastival – Food, Fun, Fairground, Family and Friday Country Music – Review

We as a family were very excited to be going to the Big Feastival but I was also concerned that it would be too crowded given that it was sold out!

However, when we arrived, at 11am, we weren’t aware that the gates had just opened and we were met by a very relaxed environment. If you plan to go in the future then I definitely recommend arriving at gate opening times, especially if you wish to go on some of the fairground rides. This is where we, as a family benefitted the most and what made our day just so enjoyable and wonderfully memorable.

My son and I had the Big/Ferris Wheel completely to ourselves and whilst each ride was expensive, when you have it to yourself you feel as if you have hired it privately but for next to nothing. Other rides weren’t empty but had very few people on and we walked on to each ride without a queue. My eldest son was in his element. Due to this, we managed to do about three rides before making our way to the front barrier of the main stage to catch CBeebies Andy and The Odd Socks.

Now, if you are a parent to kids under the age of ten, then you have probably heard of Andy and The Oddsocks. Still not sure? Andy is the same Andy who does Andy’s Dinosaur/Prehistoric Adventures and What’s on Your Plate on CBeebies.

The area around the stage started to fill pretty quickly but was a safe and spacious environment throughout their set. My kids had an absolute blast. I couldn’t tell you a single song before the set but can now proudly say I know Who’s In The Oddsocks, Aliens in this House, and You’re Unique. Who’s In The Oddsocks was a fun, crowd participating moment. Half way through their set giant inflatable footballs were bouncing around the crowd which my kids loved! The Dinosaur on stage was also fun. I think I can safely say that many parents were having just as much fun as the kids, if not more. I know I was. The band are all highly talented musicians too and have such wonderful gimmicky on stage persona. I loved it!


Next up was choosing food. Now this is a Feastival of course so the choices were going to be pretty tough. We decided though to go for Killa Waffle as they were just so fascinating. They were the right choice and absolutely delicious. Read our full review here.

My sons had Pasta at the Pasta van and devoured it! They are both fussy too so it speaks volumes for how good it was.

Later in the day we also got two doughnuts from Project Doughnut. They were really quite a generous size and absolutely delicious. We has the Biscoff one (Bad Boy) and a Ring Doughnut (Hazlenut Homer).

We took ourselves off to the Sundown Saloon to catch Morganway but unfortunately we missed them due to their time being changed. The times in the media area were still the original times so I was gutted.

However, we did manage to catch a lovely new Folk duo called Maddi and Marc who were very enjoyable. Singing both originals and covers, the pair attracted a sizeable crowd and even had a great crowd interaction moment with their song Wait for Me. Before the song started they taught us the words and they seemed happy with the results. Some other songs with one I think was an original and may have been called Friends Like We Were Before was a great tune. Both Maddi and Marc have great voices that blended beautifully together.

Their cover of Riptide went down a treat and certainly set a great atmospheric feel. They also spoke of their show The New Music Show with Marc and Maddi. Maddi joked how Marc had to have his name start on something hence the switchover.

We will definitely be keeping an eye and an ear open on more from Maddi and Marc. Perhaps a few bookings at some Country and Americana festivals?

Maddi and Marc – The Big Feastival – Sundown Saloon Stage.

The kids area is where we found ourselves next and we didn’t leave for a while. In fact we spent a lot of time there across the weekend. There were things to do for kids of all ages but ours stuck to the play area by the Organix Tent and also played with the circus toys.

There was a CBeebies bedtime stories read by celebrities but we could never get the kids to settle to go.

The Organix Cart was a great addition and the staff handed out generous amounts of free samples. They asked the age of your children and gave out various snacks that catered for their ages. We really appreciated it as our two year old is just starting to explore new tastes and can be quite fussy so this was a great way to introduce new products without wasting money and then finding out which ones he likes and which ones he doesn’t. Thank you Organix.

Sunday was spent mostly in the kids area and at the rides but we also had food, of course we did!!! It’s a Feastival!!!! This time we had food from a BBQ Brisket place right by the Sundown Saloon. We had Brisket on Fries which were lovely.

The kids had the pasta again! We were happy with that!

We caught Gabrielle at the main stage. Understandably her crowd was huge, after all she is an icon. Gabrielle’s set was emotionally beautiful and hits such as Rise, Out of Reach, When a Woman and of course Dreams were a hit with the very eager, happy and dancing crowd. Read our full review here.

The Big Feastival was such a wonderful experience for us as a family and my children felt right at home. In fact my youngest really came out of his shell and it was clear he is definitely a festival/feastival person. We can’t wait for next year!!!

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