The Big Feastival Food: Killa Waffles – Southern Fried Chicken in a Waffle Cone? We had to try it!!!

The Big Feastival is such a wonderful family festival boasting a great line up of music, activities and of course food!!!

With it being a Feastival, the options for food are endless so how does one possibly choose what to eat???? Well we are a country music website first so what better food to write about than southern fried chicken right???

Not only were we drawn to have some fried chicken but were were drawn and curious about having it in a waffle cone so we just had to try Killa Waffles.

A menu with a great choice we went with the Rock-A-Doodle (Savoury Cheddar Waffle Cone with Buttermilk Fries Chicken, Fresh Salad, Pancetta Bacon and Sauce of your choice)

Our sauce was Garlic Mayo as I wasn’t quite brave enough to try anything spicy but was tempted by the Spicy Mango.

Watching this being made was pretty fascinating. One staff member making the waffles and using a tool to make them cone shaped, other members of staff all playing their part including having about two to three staff members filling the cones for the customers ensuring a swift queuing system.

The Killa Waffle was scrumptious. Messy to eat but as I have said before in reviews, that’s when you know your enjoying yourself. The chicken was wonderfully crispy and crunchy, well seasoned and moist. The combined flavours of the chicken, the waffle, the bacon, salad and garlic mayo blended beautifully in the mouth leaving a welcomed lasting taste.

My youngest son took a liking to the waffle cone and devoured the rest of mine and was very happy!

I hope we see Killa Waffle at various festivals next year. We will definitely visit again. If you are there on Sunday, do check them out. They are down past the Ferris/Big Wheel on the same side.

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