Gabrielle brought The Big Feastival Audience together during her legendary performance.

On the last day of The Big Feastival, at a sold out event, the sun was shining and everyone was simply enjoying life. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate what has been an epic weekend than with the likes of Gabrielle.

A full crowd eagerly awaiting, Gabrielle took to the stage and was met by rapturous applause.

Her entire set from start to finish had the whole crowd fully engaged whether that be singing along, dancing or just relaxing and enjoying it all. Gabrielle’s down to earth personality always makes her shows that bit more special as she is so wonderfully relatable and very funny.

Gabrielle’s iconic vocals were flawless and her band were on top form. I adore her backing singers.

Hits such as Rise, Out of Reach, When a Woman and Give Me A Little More Time brought the entire audience together as we sang in unity. It was really quite special. Watching everyone just loving every moment was emotional and empowering. Gabrielle’s music reaches so many people and I truly believe will reach more people for years to come.

Closing the set with of course Dreams which next year is 30 years old, the atmosphere was next level and I actually cried. The thing about Gabrielle is you don’t even have to be a hardcore fan to appreciate and love her because in the moment she brings so much joy with her timeless classics that you may not even realise you actually know that well. That’s also what is so great about going to festivals, you may never have thought about going to see an artist live but then walk away seeing one of the best shows you have been to because a Gabrielle show isn’t exactly a huge production, it isn’t loud or highly energised but what it is is nostalgic, moving, homely, beautiful and absolutely brilliant!

Gabrielle embarks on a 30 Years of Dreaming tour next year and I think we may just have to go along.

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