The Long Road Festival Food: Texas Smoker Provided Some of the ‘Best Food’ we’ve ever tasted! – Smoky, Juicy, Tender and Succulent!

As soon as The Long Road Festival announced their food vendors we had to check them out. As foodies, we wanted to plan ahead a little bit and of course, Texas Smoker caught our attention immediately.

As described on their website;

Both our custom built smokers are currently the largest most authentic American smokers on the UK festival food scene. We are the REAL DEAL, smoking all our meat once onsite, unlike our competitors!”

If I am correct, they were there from Wednesday getting the smoker going, making sure the food would all be of tasty goodness.

Situated right by The Front Porch Stage, we visited Texas Smoker on the Saturday of The Long Road Festival and were met by a very long queue. This place was proving very popular and it was only gone 1pm so queues were only going to get larger. Despite a long queue, the queues went down very quickly so don’t be put off by that.

Speaking to the owners they explained that the queues had been like this since Friday which was a good sign that the food was going to be good. They also told us of another festival where queues were so long that people willingly queued for two hours to get a taste. Don’t worry though, this was at a festival on a much larger scale so you should be pretty safe at The Long Road as it’s just the right size for things to not get too crazy. Part of why we love The Long Road so much!

Choosing what to have was difficult. We were at one of the best music festivals in the world and had waited two years to come back here so we were going to go all out and enjoy everything and that included food.

So, in the end we went with the Chilli Burger, Pulled Pork Stack, a sample of Beef Brisket and a sample of some Ribs. This was a feast! If our bellies would have allowed us, we would have tried everything!!!

Pulled Pork Stack at The Texas Smoker

The Pulled Pork Stack was divine. I made a mess of myself and I didn’t even care. When food is that good, let the mess happen because that’s when you know you are enjoying it! Smoked to perfection, it was a melt-in-your-mouth moment! Soft, succulent and incredibly tasty, it hit all the spots and filled me up for most of the day.

The Chilli Burger, which I only tasted as was my husbands choice, was the right kind of hot and full of so much flavour. It was the ribs however that my husband preferred and said were the tastiest he has ever had. Falling off the bone, the meat was tender and smoky and he spent a large portion of the day talking about them.

The Beef Brisket was sensationally juicy and tender with a wonderfully smoky and rich taste. The homemade Slaw was also pretty dang good.

I have made myself hungry again writing this. Too bad we aren’t at the Long Road tomorrow. However, our contributor is so maybe I’ll recommend it to her to try??

Chilli Burger at The Texas Smoker

We would have loved to have tried the Dirty Fries but that will have to wait for next time. I have already decided it will be the Chilli Cheese Fries with Beef Brisket Chilli, Cheese and Chipotle Sauce.

Baylen, please bring Texas Smoker back next year for The Long Road Festival. The queues are telling you we want them back.

We highly recommend you visit them on the Sunday. They are right by the Front Porch Stage (best place to be in our opinion) and you can’t miss them. See photo’s to know exactly what you are looking out for.

Sample of Brisket and Ribs

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